Find Realtors & Real Estate Agents in Yuma, AZ - The Best Realtor To Sell My House

Find Realtors & Real Estate Agents in Yuma, AZ - The Best Realtor To Sell My House

Moving can be stressful, and this can be regardless of if you are moving to another state or another country. Out of the many things you need to do, you must hire a realtor to sell the home. If you live in Yuma, AZ, the challenge is finding the right one out of what may be dozens of professionals qualified to handle the sale. In other words, finding an excellent real estate agent can be more challenging than you assume.

Your goal should be to hire a listing agent who can assist with getting the best possible price in the shortest time.

If you feel that things need to move faster, that is perfectly understandable because:

·      The Yuma, AZ market isn’t all that hot all year around, especially with home sales dipping in 2022.

·      However, according to the NAR (National Association of Realtors), higher interest rates could translate to a downturn in the overall sale prices and, consequently, dropping real estate transaction(s).

So, for the above and other reasons, hiring the best listing agent makes sense. The question you are probably asking is how do I find a listing agent to sell my house quickly for the best money?

As professional realtors, we’ve gone through this process of selling homes hundreds of times. We’ve also employed realtors and understand how the industry works.

If you are trying to find realtors & real estate agents, to help sell you or even buy one, this article outlines the steps you should follow.

How To Prepare Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent?

Are you trying to sell your house and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of finding the right real estate agent? Don't worry; we have some tips to help you make a rational decision and find the right agent to help get your homes sold.

First things first, determine what you want. Are you selling what used to be a rental property? Maybe you have already moved out of your home.

You might need a seller's agent to help you meet providers or check if the house is vacant. On the other hand, if you live in the house while on the market, you may need an agent who can accommodate showings at specific times and advise you on enhancing the home's appearance. Defining your needs assists with finding a professional that’s the right fit for you.

Next, change your mindset. Many people base their hiring decision on whether or not they like the listing agents, but there are other factors to consider. Like any business, the decision is to hire the best listing agent most qualified to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Research – Research and Some More… to Find A Good Real Estate Agent

We always advise people to research the listing agents before hiring any realtor. But why? Since so many realtors advertise their services as being risk-free?

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a home, conducting the proper due diligence will ensure that you end up with the right agent, qualified to address your needs.

You will specifically want to hire a professional who:

·      Is experienced selling homes or land. If you are selling, they should have experience finding the right buyer for your home.

·      You will also want to hire listing agents with experience selling properties within your price bracket. Some real estate professionals specialize in selling properties within a certain price bracket.

·      A good listing agent should have a positive track record.

·      Ensure the agent does not have a history of representing prospective buyers and sellers for the same transaction.

·      Don’t get lock you into a contract with the realtor.

Finding a realtor that checks these boxes can be challenging, but it will ensure that things progress smoothly.

Ideally, home sellers conduct research before and after meeting with a realtor or real estate agent. This will help you understand what you are getting yourself into with them.

What To Expect When Hiring A Real Estate Agent?

So, the question is, what should you expect when hiring a realtor to sell your home? You should expect a few things from them, especially since they are paid a commission to sell your home. Ideally, they should be able to sell it sooner rather than later.

It is worth bearing in mind that not all realtors provide the same services. This can be for various factors such as:

·      The experience of the listing agents

·      The professional’s reputation

·      How much are they willing to invest in helping market the home for a quick sale

·      How much effort are they willing to put in to get a sale

It is essential to start with understanding what services are standard and which aren’t. This will help you make a more informed decision when choosing a professional.

The Six Rules of Hiring A Realtor in Yuma

Preparing for the hiring process will help you increase the odds of selling the home to an agent who can do the job. However, you must take some steps to hire the right real estate agent.

Below we outline the steps you need to follow. It is worth keeping in mind that these steps can be followed by those who want to sell a home in Yuma, Arizona, and slightly modified for people who want to buy one.  

Meet With The Realtor

Once you have whittled down the list and found a real estate agent you're interested in, it's time to reach out to them to finalize the deal. You can contact them via phone, email, or text and expect a prompt reply if they cannot answer immediately. The sooner the agent responds, the better.

Your initial outreach step is scheduling your first meeting with the agent. You have two options: a brief phone call or a meeting at your home. If you need clarification on meeting in person, scheduling a quick phone call can help you understand the agent's personality and communication style. You can also ask about their selling strategy versus other agents.

During this initial conversation, expect the agent to ask questions about your selling situation and your home. This information will help them compare your property to others that have recently sold, which is crucial for determining the best list price recommendation to offer during your first consultation. Realtors have the knowledge to help you understand how much the house sells for or how much you can expect to buy one that fits your description. 

Many sellers prefer to speak to a realtor on the phone before meeting them in person, but ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you're most comfortable with. Remember that this initial outreach aims to schedule your first meeting and begin selling your property or buying one, whichever may be the case.

Give The Realtor A Walkthrough of The Home

A big part of hiring a realtor to sell your home is helping them understand your home and situation. So, the next step is to take the prospective realtor on a tour of your home. This is crucial for two critical reasons:

First, it allows the agent to validate their recommended list price for your property based on its layout and condition. This tour will give you a better idea of your estimated selling price or how much you can expect to get for the home.

Secondly, it also allows you to assess the agent's expertise. As you review each room, pay attention to the agent's feedback. More experienced agents will give you precise feedback based on their experience. For instance, if potential buyers will like the kitchen.

Make a note of if the agent points out key selling features such as:

·      Do they give reasons for or against certain upgrades or repairs based on the present condition of the home and market conditions?

·      Do they talk about what buyers may or may not find appealing? 

Evaluating the agent's home assessment can help you make a more informed decision on which realtor to hire. Remember to mention any improvements you have made or are considering during the tour.

Ask Questions and Make Sure They Are Not Also The Buyer's Agent

As you prepare to hire a realtor, asking the right questions is crucial to finding the right fit for you.

It is essential for many reasons, including that it can mean the difference between selling your property quickly and for the highest possible price or not.

For example, finding an agent with relevant selling experience is an essential qualification. You'll want to ask about their experience selling in your local market and price range.

However, hiring an agent who puts your interests above their commission is even more critical if you're after the best price. This is why you'll want to inquire about the percentage of sales where they've represented both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction.

Choosing a realtor with a low percentage of dual agency sales will ensure that you hire an agent with a track record of prioritizing their client's best interests.

Selling your home is a big step, and thus choosing the right realtor is crucial. So, make sure that you list all the questions you want to ask them. A list will ensure you don’t miss the point during your meeting.

Review Their Offer

Remember that when you hire a real estate agent, you are essentially hiring them to perform a job: selling your property for the best price in the shortest time possible. 

As the homeowner, you are the employer; the agent is the employee, or some would liken it to a “contractor.” Regardless, it is essential to understand the services you can expect to receive before hiring a realtor. This can also be used as a tiebreaker if you have two real estate agents that appear to be equal.

Some of the questions you may want to ask include: what is their marketing plan? Will they assist you in preparing your home to list? This may include staging the home, professional photography, videography, drone phones, open houses, and placing your home on major websites. Most agents do not do all this, but top agents do. How often will they be available to communicate with you once you sign the agent agreement? 

By reviewing and verifying the realtor’s marketing plan beforehand, you can ensure that you and your agent are on the same page and that there are no surprises down the line.

Agree On The Right Listing Price For Your Home

It's natural for home sellers to be concerned about realtors intentionally pricing their homes too high or low to benefit themselves. Usually, the home may be priced low for a quick sale or high for a higher commission. However, it's not wise to base your hiring decision solely on the realtor with the highest suggested list price. Instead, it would be best to consider how each realtor arrives at their recommended list price.

All candidates should provide you with a comparative market analysis, which is a report that includes all recent sales of comparable homes and sometimes neighborhood market trends. The most valuable information in this analysis is the agent's list price recommendation and average days on market, but it's essential to understand how they arrived at that number. The higher price can cause longer days on market.

You want to hire a realtor who provides an honest asking price recommendation backed by data. The data is essential because it's what your realtor will use when negotiating with a prospective buyer's agent to get you the highest offer. So, approaching the asking price from a buyer's perspective will help you find the best price.

Sign The Agreement

When you hire a realtor, the final step is signing a listing agreement. It's important to understand that this agreement is essentially an employment contract. The realtor you hire should take the time to explain the agreement to you so that you know exactly what you agree to.

There are some essential things to remember when signing an agreement. For example, the agreement is typically exclusive, which means that you won't be able to hire another agent while the agreement is in effect.

Furthermore, the timeframe of the agreement is often negotiable, and most agreements last around six months. Finally, many listing agreements don't include a cancellation clause, making it difficult and uncomfortable to fire your realtor if things change. So, you will want to ensure that there is one in the agreement.

What Reflags Should You Watch out For When Hiring A Realtor To Sell Your Home?

As a seller, you probably want to hire a somewhat aggressive realtor, but you will also want to be wary of agents that are pushy about signing the listing agreement when you first meet with them. This is especially true if you have stated or alluded to it.

If you hire a high-pressure or overly assertive agent, they could press you to accept a low offer so they can sell to their pool of interested buyers, get the commission, and move on to the next home to sell.

Agents with a history of prioritizing their commission over what works for the seller or the seller’s best interests should not be considered. You will also want to think twice before hiring anyone who does not respond to your queries. If an agent takes much longer than a day to respond to you, are too busy to respond, or can’t give you or the home the attention it deserves, you are better off without them.

Knowing precisely what qualities an agent has is essential because you will work with this person for the next few months to sell your home. So, it is worth taking the time to find the right one.

When They Are Parttime Realtors

The problem with hiring a part-time agent, even if they are your friend or come recommended by someone you know, is that they may juggle multiple responsibilities. They usually have a day job, and that’s their priority. This means they don’t have the time to be a full-time agent, and thus they may not be available when you need them. This may mean your home sale suffers as compared to if you hired a good agent. Would you hire a part-time doctor? There is a reason, and it is not your benefit, why they are doing real estate part-time.

The other problem with hiring a part-time agent is that they may need more skills and experience to help get you the best possible price for the home.

Not The Best Negotiator

Part of being a successful realtor is having good negotiation skills; since they will be your price advocate, this is to your advantage. They will also help you sort through often half a dozen offers.

So, in addition to walking you through all the steps to listing a house as a realtor, the professional will also help you choose an offer they think is worth pursuing. If anything, this can make or break the deal. Thus it is one of the most important parts of selling a home.

The realtor will negotiate closing costs, home warranties, timelines, and other stipulations with the potential buyer. So, if they are a good negotiator, you don’t have to worry about it.

You Sense A Bunch of Half-Truths

You always want to hire a professional who will not mislead or perhaps lie to you. You also don’t want to hire someone that holds back information. So, even if the realtor looks excellent on paper, you should back off immediately if you sense something is off. In instances like these, trusting your gut is strongly advised. Most sellers make the mistake of trusting sellers that only look good on paper.

Super Eager To Please

Good agents are transparent and will provide accurate data, providing you with their professional opinion as the best way forward. This is despite you not expecting to hear what they tell you because that’s their experience.

For instance, you might have a specific price point in mind and hope to list your home for the price, but the dollar figure is higher than the data shows. Some agents may list your home at that price because they are eager to please you, but you may wait to sell it. This will also mean that you will have to negotiate with the buyer.

Agents that know the local market can also help you decide on the right profitable and fair price. They will not leave your house languishing for months collecting dust.

How To Know You Are Matched With The Right Realtor?

When hiring a realtor to sell your property, the most important thing to consider is if you can work with them. Sometimes even the best realtor may not be the right fit because you find them hard to get along with, and thus you might need to find another one.


Here is how I would go about finding a realtor to sell my house, especially to see if they are the right match:

·      The realtor should have experience selling homes in your neighborhood since location is crucial for homebuyers.

·      It's essential to hire a realtor who has sold homes in your price range since agents may need more motivation or expertise to market to a different buyer type. Here too, experience counts more than anything else. 

·      To ensure a good fit, consider hiring a realtor who has sold similar property types to yours, whether a condo or single-family residence. The realtor should be able to list a few properties like yours that they have sold in the past few months off the top of their heads.

·      Reputable agents prioritize the seller's best interests and do not prioritize getting double commissions from representing both the buyer and seller in the same transaction. This is a prerequisite for partner agents at DORRMAT.

·      Responsiveness is an excellent indicator of a good realtor for sellers looking to sell their homes. The selling process can be long and hard, so it is important to maintain good communication.

·      Look for a realtor who will actively guide you in preparing your home for sale.

·      A good realtor will put in maximum effort and provide valuable advice, use their network, and even meet with contractors to improve your home's chances of selling.

· It is beneficial to hire a realtor who allows you to cancel the listing agreement anytime to keep them motivated and on-task.

·      The ability to negotiate well is valuable for a realtor and can significantly improve your bottom line. So, find one that can talk!

·      Past client feedback is crucial when gauging a realtor's reputation, and the best agents will have positive online reviews that showcase dedication to their clients.

·      Choose a realtor who prioritizes your unique needs and aligns with your selling goals. 

·      Trustworthiness is essential when making significant financial decisions like selling a home, so hiring a realtor who can maximize your price and still sell the home quickly is crucial.

Final Word

Selling your home can be a major undertaking regardless of how simple it may appear initially. That’s why it is essential to enlist the help of a realtor. The important thing to keep in mind is that you are hiring a realtor to work on your behalf to sell the home for the best possible price but in the shortest time realistically possible.

Hiring a realtor to handle the sale can impact how fast you sell the home and how much you get for it. The agent you decide on should be able to understand your needs and deliver as required.


Even though selling a home can be stressful, with the proper guidance, it is possible to sell quickly and securely, with relatively less stress.

If you want to skip through the hassle and time consumed with the guesswork of selling your house in Yuma, AZ, contact DORRMAT today.


Q. What do real estate agents typically cost?

A. Typically, a real estate agent will charge you a commission. That commission can be between 5-6 percent of the home’s selling price and is mainly paid by the seller. If your home in Yuma sells for $400k, you will likely be paying around $20k and up in commission. However, a lot depends on the transaction, and this amount can sometimes be negotiated. The total amount is often a split between the buyer and selling agents. However, you will want to determine their commission upfront before hiring them.

Q. Should I sell my house via a real estate agent?

A. You are not obligated to hire a real estate agent to sell your house. Many sellers will choose FSBO, an abbreviation for ‘For Sale By Owner.’ But it is worth understanding the caveats to this approach. For starters, there is nobody to guide you through selling the home. This can often be a complex and often daunting task. Then it would be best if you also considered that, statically speaking, homes sold via an agent sell for more money than those without one.

Q. How to determine the best price for selling a home?

A. As a homeowner, you typically want to sell the home for the most money possible. However, the only way to get realistic pricing or an estimate of how much the home is worth is to speak with a realtor. Skilled listing agents will tell you how much the home is worth based on how much homes like it near you were sold for, and this is an excellent place to start when trying to come up with a price that helps you get a quick sale.

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