Fifteen Ideas For Generating Real Estate Leads For New Real Estate Agents

Fifteen Ideas For Generating Real Estate Leads For New Real Estate Agents

In the real estate business, the most integral activity is to generate real estate leads. Real estate agents are constantly working hard to bring in more clients and close as many real estate deals as possible. For new real estate agents, this becomes a major challenge as they need to juggle their new business along with trying to find potential clients.

It is simple, the more leads you have, the better your business prospects will be. All real estate agents, whether new or with experience of a few years under their belt, need to constantly strive to generate leads. This is the core component of sustaining your real estate business.

We have gathered different ways to generate leads in real estate to help all of the new agents who have recently acquired their licenses. Our list includes a mix of online and offline lead generation ideas. We also have some tried and tested lead generation strategies along with the modern ones you should try.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas For A Real Estate Agent

1. Get A Website With An Effective Landing Page

Most real estate agents understand the importance of having their own real estate website, however, most fail to include an effective landing page. Your real estate website is the core of your entire marketing activity. Your goal is to obtain the contact information of each of our site's visitors.

The moment someone accesses your website, they should see a clear and informative description of your services and a call to action to connect with you for more exclusive and personalized guidance. You can offer a free e-book or tips on enhancing a home's value and to download the expert content they need to provide their contact information and e-mail details. You can utilize this information to find new leads.

2. Utilize Social Media Strategies

Utilize Social Media Strategies for real estate agents.jpg

The importance of social media has been growing when it comes to real estate lead generation. Buyers and sellers are now looking on various social media platforms for fulfilling all of their real estate needs. Therefore, a great way for an agent to find real estate leads is by having a proper social media strategy according to the different platforms. One of the most popular social media sites that you should target is Facebook.

A. Facebook Ads

Facebook has the largest number of active users and with adverts, on Facebook, you can target them easily. Facebook offers you a lot of options to choose your target audience in terms of demographic points. You can select them on the basis of age, income, family size, location, and more. This ensures that your adverts are being viewed by the right target audience.

3. Get Real Estate Leads Online

Get Real Estate Leads Online.jpg

The best way togenerate real estate leads is through online lead generation platforms. For a new real estate agent, the most problematic aspect is finding the leads, and this is where an online lead generation platform can be extremely helpful.

Take, for instance, Dorrmat which is a leading seller lead generation platform that provides agents with a continuous supply of quality leads. Dorrmat is an industry champion and has been a trusted name among homeowners for years.

Dorrmat's technologically robust platform brings together potential buyers and sellers with expert real estate agents. This makes all the leads obtained from Dorrmat high-quality and reliable. For new agents, a service like this is highly beneficial as it lets them have more time for meeting and converting the leads. Dorrmat also provided a host of other features that are extremely helpful for agents and helps them reduce their expenditures.

4. Host Open Houses

An open house is an excellent way to acquire new leads. It gives an agent an opportunity to meet and interact with a large group of potential buyers and members of the local community. Open houses are not only for trying to get your listing sold but are also for old-fashioned meet and greet.

Make sure that you have a sign-in sheet at the entrance of an open house event and give all of the attendees your business card. Try to talk to them and answer questions they may have about the house or the real estate market. Your goal is to find a potential buyer for your listing and also find new clients.

5. Work Your Sphere of Influence

The most challenging aspect of generating leads is to stay on top of mind of all your social and professional circle members. For a new real estate agent, as the professional circle has limited members, he needs to find new clients within the existing circle of people.

This could mean asking your acquaintances and people whom you meet on a regular basis for any information about new leads. You could even offer a free evaluation for people who are interested in putting up their homes on the market. This would slowly get you word-of-mouth publicity and fetch you more inquiries.

6. Pick Up The Phone And Start Cold Calling

Pick Up The Phone And Start Cold Calling.jpg

Now, cold calling is a term that many real estate agents do not prefer. But take a moment and think about it. Cold calling has been a strategy that has been successfully used by real estate agents for years. There is a reason that it works and has been around for a long time.

Yes, it could be a bit unnerving and definitely uncomfortable for an agent to pick up the phone and make calls to people on your contact list. However, it helps you grow as a real estate agent. One way that you can increase your odds of getting a favorable response through phone calls to your contacts is by keeping a script ready. A prepared script for making calls will make you more confident, and you will be more focused and informative as well.

7. Reach Out To Expired Listings

In terms of less preferred lead generation ideas, is contacting expired listings. Now, one thing you can do is not just focus on listings that have expired recently. It is fair to assume that many agents would be approaching these homeowners.

A better alternative is to reach out to those homeowners with expired listings that are over 10 months or even a year old. These listings never came back on the market. Try to contact these sellers and identify the issues that led to this house remaining unsold.

Inquire about the homeowner's plans for the future, if they still wish to sell, then this could be an opportunity for you to come up with ideas in which you can sell their home. If you are persistent then you can sign them up as clients.

8. Focus On Getting Referrals

Focus On Getting Referrals.jpg

An essential part of the real estate business is to generate leads from referrals. Many agents fail to capitalize on this aspect. Every time you successfully close a deal, make sure that you request referrals from the buyer or seller.

Then do not delay approaching the referrals. Whether they are looking to buy or sell, your personal connection with someone in their social circle will help give you an advantage over other realtors that they may be in talks with for their real estate-related needs. The key here is not to lose the momentum. Ideally, each house you help close should fetch you at least five referrals, out of which you need to try and get the business of at least three.

9. Ask Friends And Family

A simple and easy way to find potential leads is by asking your family and friends--also known as your sphere of influence. These are the people who know you well and can help you generate real estate leads. Many times these known members seem to think that you might be too busy, or you might be uninterested in business they might bring in.

It is important to let them know that if they have any property-related inquiries, or if they are a first-time buyer or seller looking for an agent, then you would be more than happy to help them with the buying or selling process.

10. Opt For Search Engine Marketing

Opt For Search Engine Marketing.jpg

When everyone searches for all their needs on Google, then you need to ensure that you have a strategy in place for ensuring that the search engine rankings of your website are high. If any local buyer or seller searches for an agent near him, then your website should be the first in the search results.

An integral part of real estate marketing is search engine optimization. In this, your website's ranking is improved, and your search terms are refined. This directly helps you with your real estate lead generation tactics as you can target all the local leads easily.

11. Target For Sale By Owner Listings

Similar to expired listings, the for sale by owner listings are slightly more challenging to acquire. In these cases, the owner had listed the property themself and believes that the help of an agent is not required. Despite the challenges, it is worth your while to spend some time and effort trying to convert these into clients.

Offer them help and point out a few marketing steps that you would utilize to sell the property. For example, access to the latest pricing and real estate market records is something that they might find beneficial.

12. Attend Chamber Of Commerce Meetings

Attend Chamber Of Commerce Meetings.jpg

It is necessary to create connections in the local community for real estate lead generation. By attending the chamber of commerce meetings you get to meet more professionals in the local community and also get to know about other business opportunities. You can get to know about potential leads before they come on the market. Therefore, it is important to attend the events organized by the chamber of commerce in your city and widen your professional sphere of influence.

13. Build Personal Connection With Local Businesses

A great way to create new connections and find both buyer and seller leads in your local area is by building business relations with those offering services related to the real estate business. Any client who approaches them can be given your contact and similarly any client of yours who requires professional services can be referred by you to them. This is a real estate lead generation method that you must include in your business tactics.

14. Participate In Local Community Events

Participate In Local Community Events.jpg

One of the best lead generation ideas is to be an active participant in your local community events. The more people who get to see you and meet you, the better your chances are of finding potential leads. Create a proper system to ensure that you are viewed as the neighborhood agent and are always on top of mind whenever they require an agent.

15. Try Old Fashioned Door Knocking

Our last real estate lead generation idea is to go around door-knocking in your neighborhood. It is a great way to get acquainted with all the people living in your neighborhood. Even if they are not looking to buy a house or sell a house immediately, it is still good to be known as the neighborhood agent.

This is a real estate lead generation idea that takes some time to start getting you potential leads, but this works really well in the long run as it establishes you as the go-to agent in your neighborhood.


Forming a lead generation strategy is one of the most challenging aspects of the real estate business for a new real estate agent. Understanding the local real estate market and establishing your presence will help you immensely when it comes to finding new leads.

Follow the mentioned ideas, and we are sure that you will have a lead generation strategy that fetches you maximum leads and helps you on your way to real estate success. Focus on the strategies that work the best for you in your chosen real estate niche, and be consistent in following them. Remember, it takes time to build a lead pipeline, but once you have got the mix right, you never have to be worried about searching for leads again.

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