Eleven Steps For Generating More Real Estate Seller Leads For Agents

Eleven Steps For Generating More Real Estate Seller Leads For Agents

Quality leads are the driving force of your real estate business. There is an ongoing need for real estate agents to find new leads and ensure that the funnel for new clients is always full. Many agents and those considering a switch to this field are unsure why a considerable amount of their time has to be devoted to lead generation activities.

The other concern many have is that they are not sure which lead generation methods they should follow, as each time they check, a new suggestion seems to come up. In this article, we shall take you through the importance of generating leads for your business and provide a round-up of the best ways in which you can find leads for your business.

Importance Of Real Estate Lead Generation

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Let us first go over the crucial aspect of why exactly are these leads important. In any professional field, leads are the force that keeps the business moving ahead. Leads today are the potential customers of tomorrow, so all businesses need to devote adequate time, energy, and effort to find new leads.

Now it becomes challenging in this industry because over here, as agents, you are essentially an independent business owner. So along with all the other responsibilities, you need to monitor your efforts in this regard.

Benefits Of Real Estate Lead Generation These are some of the key advantages your business will get when you start focusing on lead generation:

1. Market Expansion

Initially, your brokerage will provide you with prospects. However, it would be good for you to focus on real estate lead generation independently as it will help you have a better understanding of your geographical market. This knowledge will help you expand into the areas that you may not have considered at the start.

2. Increase In Revenue

This is the main benefit. With a higher volume of prospects, you will be having a higher volume of revenue. It leads to more listings and eventually more homes closed. As an agent, your income is dependent on the commission that you receive from each sale. More sales will directly equate to higher revenue.

3. Enhanced Lead Quality

Lead generation at its core is not just attracting a higher number of prospects. It is attracting a higher number of prospects who will want to work with you. You do not simply need a large crowd — you need a large number of home sellers. With proper lead generation and management, you can ensure that you get improved leads from all sources.

Steps To Find Real Estate Leads

1. Lead Generation Through Social Media

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The effect of social media platforms can be seen in all aspects of our lives, including our businesses. In real estate, the influence of these channels has grown immensely in terms of lead generation. According to the National Association of REALTORS® statistics, the following were the key findings:

  1. Well over 77% of agents used social media in various ways to boost their business.
  2. Around 47% of respondents said that the quality of clients obtained from this source was better than many other sources.
  3. The majority of the millennials preferred to start their real estate-related search on social media rather than in person.

A. Create Real Estate Business Profiles

For generating leads through social media, it is necessary to have a well-created and informative professional profile on these platforms. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some channels on which you can interact effectively with your followers, which can help you obtain possible leads.

B. Run Ads On Social Media Channels

You can also consider running ads on these accounts. The incredible control and customization offered in terms of ad creation on these platforms enable you to showcase your adverts to only those who would be genuinely interested.

2. Create A Website With Effective Landing Pages

Most real estate professionals have a dedicated website. However, that is not enough. Your real estate site needs to be the focal point of your lead generation activities. Therefore, you need to ensure that your site has an effective landing page.

By designing and optimizing each landing page, you ensure that a higher number of your site visitors will turn into potential leads. You can also offer a free e-book about the real estate business or tips to enhance home valuation in return for their contact information. The landing page is an integral component to attracting leads from your website traffic.

3. Enhance Your Content Marketing

Along with an effective website, you also need to enhance your content marketing efforts to boost the number of seller leads. Content marketing gets more visitors to come to your site and interact with you in different forms. The content that you put up on your site can also be posted and shared across your social media channels to generate more reach and audience interaction.

The following are the two content marketing suggestions that benefit real estate agents.

A. Have An Informative Blog Section

As an agent, you have a lot of information and insight into the field of real estate, and it is necessary to share these with your targeted audience. An informative blog section will be a great way to share your knowledge and establish your real estate expertise.

B. Property Video Tours

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A popular trend that started last year due to the pandemic restrictions was the home tour videos. It will continue in the coming year too. Many people may not be able to come to property showings due to many reasons. A video of all your current listings on your website and social media platforms can help you sell the home much faster. This, in turn, attracts more home sellers to work with you.

4. Try Online Seller Lead Generation Platforms

One of the key strategies to get more customers is to opt for an online lead generation platform. These platforms provide you with the contact information of qualified sellers in your local area. One of the most popular ones is the Arizona-based Dorrmat.

Dorrmat offers its registered agents a steady pipeline of quality seller leads in all the major cities of Arizona, such as Tempe, Phoenix, Tucson, and others. With a simple registration process, clean interface, and host of additional features provided, Dorrmat has become a prime choice for real estate agents. Once registered, the agents can directly start adding the seller leads to their new free customer relationship management (CRM) software provided by Dorrmat.

5. Opt For Google Ads

An excellent way to find seller leads is by designing and running a Google ad campaign. Similar to the ads that you could run on Facebook, the Google ads help you reach a wide segment of your target audience.

You can hire an expert or do it yourself. All you need to do is identify the keywords that your target audience will most likely use, then design an advertisement using those keywords and relevant images. Do not forget to include a geographical location in your copy. Once your ad is ready, set a budget and start running your ad.

6. Arrange An Open House

A seller leads generation pro-tip is to make your open house listings also help you gather new leads of buyers and sellers. A little bit of preparation can help you gather a lot of new contacts after each open house event.

Make sure that you have a proper system to collect the information of all the attendees. Try to mingle and converse with as many people as you can. Do not forget to hand out your business card to them. Once the event is over, do not wait long to contact all those who came there. Time is of the essence when trying to gather leads.

7. Contact Owners With Expired Listings

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An area of motivated seller leads that an agent must try to convert are the homeowners with expired listings. These are all highly motivated sellers whose homes remain unsold for one reason or the other. Now, the best way to approach these sellers is with proper planning.

From the multiple listing service, identify those listings, which expired months ago and are yet to be re-listed. Study the listing and identify potential causes for it to remain unsold. Then call the sellers and briefly outline your work and request an appointment to discuss their situation in greater detail.

8. Try Approaching For Sale By Owners (FSBO)

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Similar to the above suggestion, but a little bit more complex, are For Sale By Owners (FSBOs). These are homes that have been listed by the homeowners independently, without the assistance of a real estate agent. These are individuals who have decided not to work with an agent. It is a good idea to keep track of such homes, as many of these homes remain unsold.

You can call them to inquire about the reasons to sell and also offer a few potential suggestions to get their home sold. If you want, you can also provide them a home evaluation to check whether their home has been priced right according to prevailing market conditions.

9. Opt For Targeted Advertising

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Whether you prefer to run online or offline advertisements, it is necessary to ensure that your ads are created according to your target audience. For this, it is necessary to create an ideal customer persona.

Think about the kind of people you normally work with and try to identify what is common among all of those clients. Then consider your real estate specialty. Are you someone who sells condos? Are waterfront properties your mainstay? Or are you more into selling family homes? All of this information will help you design an ad campaign that specifically targets your ideal customer base. It would help you receive more leads.

10. Establish A System For Referrals


Ask any agent, and they would say that referrals are what keep the business running. Think of it like this — for each home you sell — you should get at least five referrals out of it. As out of these five seller leads, you may manage to convert two.

Establish a simple system of referrals to start getting seller leads from your past clients and your social and professional circles. Have a clear and simple script for requesting a referral. Never put anyone in a spot. Always suggest that they can send in their referral at the email address or link you provide.

11. Form Relations With Local Business Owners

A great way for you to have a steady supply of real estate leads is by forming partnerships with all the real estate-related businesses in your town or city. It benefits you in two ways. The first is when a client asks for a referral for a lender or a home staging expert, you can help them out with that.

The other is that all of these businesses and individuals could provide the information of any of their clients who are looking for a real estate agent. It would ensure that you would be the first to hear about these homeowners and can get them to list with you.


As a real estate agent, there is always a constant worry to find a new way to generate leads. However, once you have understood the importance of these leads for your business, it will be easier for you to plan and ensure that you are doing your best to find new leads.

By including the strategies that we have discussed, you will see that your number of leads starts surging, and you are able to devote more time to your business. These ideas have been handpicked from the suggestions of expert real estate agents. These are experts who are a few rings ahead of you in the path of success. By adopting these methods, you will also be able to climb the ladder of success.

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