Eight Improvements to Increase Your Home's Value

Eight Improvements to Increase Your Home's Value

If you are thinking of selling your house, make sure that your house can attract potential buyers. Having a well structured home isn’t everything. If you are using your house for a long time and finally decide to shift to a new house, convert your house into an attractive house that a buyer wants to see. So, how can you make your house an attractive one? Here are eight improvement ideas that will increase your home value.

Interior Improvements‍

1. Give a fresh coat of paint

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Give a fresh coat of paint to the rooms of your house. It will brighten up the rooms and it will give your rooms an updated and clean look. New paint will cover up scuffs or dings that have grown on the walls over time. Giving a bright or bold color is not a bad idea, but the neutral color is always the best.

2. Make your home energy efficient

You can make some economical changes to make your house energy efficient. Buyers who are energy-conscious love eco-friendly houses and smaller utility bills. You can replace your incandescent lights with LED lights. You can also install energy-efficient appliances and insulation in your house. These little changes will increase overall comfort, energy efficiency and convenience. Installing or replacing energy efficient electrical items that can lower the utility bills is the best way to increase the resale value of your house.

3. Improve your kitchen

A freshened up kitchen always attracts potential buyers. Buyers give a good value to the look of the kitchen. If you can improve the kitchen by installing brand new countertops, cabinets, and stainless steel appliances, your kitchen will get a bright look and attract buyers. But this will cost you a big amount of money. According to the report of "Cost vs. Value 2019" presented by Remodeling Magazine stated that you will have to cost around $66,196 on average. So, there is a cost efficient way to improve your kitchen. You can repaint your kitchen and this DIY will cost you very little amount. There are midrange improvement ideas as well. You can install hardwood floors on your house including the kitchen. You can refinish the cabinets, change hardware, or upgrade the countertops.

4. Upgrade the bathroom fixtures

Outdated bathrooms will give a negative thought to the buyers mind. So, what to do? You can choose the cost efficient way to make your bathroom stand out. You can refinish the cabinets, replace the outdated vanity, upgrade faucets with new and modern faucets, replace old hardware etc. You don’t need to replace the existing tub. Rather, you can freshen up the tub with new caulking. Apart from that, you can update light fixtures and install new towel racks.

5. Upgrade the light

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Replace old light fixtures with new fixtures, it will give your house a more modern vibe. This is one of the cost effective ways to increase curb appeal. Remove the incandescent lights and install LED lights. And one last thing, try your level best to let the natural light come in as much as possible.

Exterior Improvements

1. Increase the curb appeal with landscaping

When your prospective buyers come to your home, they will either choose it or reject it only based on your home's exterior. Because first impressions matter. So, how can you increase the curb appeal? Make some flower beds beside the main door or beside the pathways. Plant some flower trees or mulch etc. Trim the overgrown shrubs to make the look of the space decent. You can also wash your driveway, windows, doors etc. Installing a new garage door, making a walkway etc. is something that improves the landscape. These little changes and improvements will increase your home’s curb appeal.

2. Tidy up the exterior

You may be thinking of painting the exterior. Painting the whole exterior area will cost you thousands of dollars. But there is a cost-effective solution and that is power washing the exterior of your house. This is another great way to increase the homes curb appeal. A good power washing will eliminate dirt and dust and it will give your exterior a fresh and clean new look. You can also repair your front door and give it a fresh coat of paint. Just because your front door can be seen from the outside also, it will stand out if it is treated well.

3. Open up the space

Make your house appear larger. It will impact the overall value of the house. You do not have to add extra space to appear larger. Rather, few movements and removal will work significantly. If your kitchen has an enclosed non-load bearing wall, knock it down. It will make the space appear larger and wider. Move your large and excess furniture to a storage room, it will open up more space.

How to pay for home improvements

You can use the following financing options to pay for your home improvements:

  • Personal loan

  • Home equity loan

  • Home improvement loan

  • 0% APR credit card

  • Cash-out refinance

Want more ideas for cost efficient upgrades to sell your home faster? Contact one of our licensed real estate agents. Our real estate agent will help you to in the best possible way.

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