The Easiest Way To Get Home Seller Leads

The real estate business is one of the fastest-growing businesses. It is also the greatest contributor to improving the country’s financial and economic growth. Besides, it provides a pathway for real estate agents to grow financially whether the real estate agents are working on an individual basis or working with an organization. Generating seller leads is the thing that will help in boosting their career. If the real estate agents have a good position and network in the market, they can easily get home seller leads. But well, it is easier said than done. You need not worry about it anymore. Here are some interesting and easy ways that can help in generating seller leads.

Advertise Your Skills & Expertise:

Do you think that you would gain the real estate qualification and people would come running to you? Well, no! You need to reach out to the people and let them know that you are in business. To reach your target audience (the home sellers) you need to cover all the platforms like LinkedIn & other social media platforms like Facebook.


It is a professional networking platform where you can display your skills, talk to various people, and spread the message. You would be meeting people with a pure business perspective like lawyers, and businessmen, house rentals services, etc. They can help you in gaining home seller leads easily.

Social Media Platforms** - Facebook

Here you can have your own business page, where you can post about your successful closure and reviews of the previous clients. Moreover, you can post videos that would attract the right people to your page. You can contact these home sellers through messages or give them a call. Once they show interest in your work, you can call them to convert them into potential seller leads.

Be A Part Of Real Estate Business Events:

There are many organizations that host such events where home sellers, buyers, and real estate agents can gather and meet each other face to face. You can talk to several people, forward them your contact details so that it becomes easier for them to contact you after the event. Face to face meetings gives an opportunity to the real estate agents to lure the home seller and convert them into potential customers. It is a hassle-free way of generating seller leads.

Focus On Expired Listing:

Well, expired listings are those houses that are on the real estate market portal for a very long time and have not got the right buyers. You can get in touch with these home sellers. They would be more than happy to know that you would be getting their house sold. You can consider these expired listings as reliable sources of home seller leads. They are frustrated and ready for a new agent by the time their listing expires. To get sellers leads through expired listing you would have to look into local multiple listing service (MLS) and sort out the houses that are not getting buyers and would get expired within a short period of time. When searching for expired listings, you can also ask other real estate agents in your network, or search public records for local listing records.

Making Use Of Online Portals - Dorrmat!

Well, there are many websites on the internet claiming to provide seller leads. But none are better than Dorrmat! It is a website that helps the real estate agents to get home seller leads. These are not just random leads but high quality leads that you can convert into potential customers. You just have to register yourself as a real estate agent. It helps in building an effective pipeline with premium quality seller leads.

Besides this, there are many other features provided by the platform which can help the real estate agent not just to fetch seller leads but also helps in maintaining a good network with the clients and grow their career.


Being in the real estate industry and growing your career in the right direction needs efforts and focus. So these are some of the most important ways in which you can generate home seller leads in the easiest ways. Generating home seller leads is just traveling half the way. After generating seller leads, you need to convert them to sales too.

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