Do you have what it takes to be a real estate agent?

If you are thinking about a career in real estate in Arizona, you will want to read this. The biggest pothole that real estate agents have to deal with is not the lack of leads to work, but the lack of strong self management and making tough and quick decisions. Why? Most real estate agents who just started have never been self-employed before with no supervision telling them the what, when, where, and hows, while also being held accountable.

Many real estate agents leave Corporate America because they think they can do it better than their boss, but the cold truth is that they were not their boss’s boss. They also leave for flexibility and less structure. The truth is, any startup business requires way more structure than a successfully running business, and comes with hardly any time off. A new agent is trading a job that was an exchange of time for money for a job where you could do everything right and have less money than you started off with.

Do you have what it takes to be a real estate agent? Yes or No? If Yes, then keep reading.

So how do you survive in real estate so that someday you can thrive in real estate?

Steps to success:

  1. Healthy winning mindset! First you must believe in yourself.
  2. Having a North Star aka a commitment to XYZ. Something you will not let anything get in the way of it. Here is how you know the difference. Two people want to lose 70 LBS in a year. One wants to look good and the other must do it to keep living. Which one will most likely lose the 70 LBS? Being a real estate agent is not like HGTV.
  3. Having and committing to an hourly, daily, and weekly schedule of income producing activities.
  4. Knowing your numbers like you do on a trip. You know how many miles per hour you need to drive to get there, and how many stops you will take and how long those will be.
  5. Daily you should be calling leads, prospects, and your sphere for at least two hours. You should have follow ups every single day. Follow ups and nurtures following up is how you get traction. Otherwise, you are always just spinning your wheels.
  6. Coaching. Take coaching seriously. Your coach is outlining things to do prior to your next coaching call. Yes, you need a coach. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods both have coaches, so why wouldn’t you have a real estate coach?
  7. Besides calling leads noted above you should be calling Expired listings, Cancelled listings, FSBOs, Circle Prospecting, posting on Craigslist and Facebook, and doing Open Houses <-- yes lots of open houses are going on in our markets.
  8. Practicing scripts and rebuttals prior to calling for the day. Did you know Michael Jordan and Kobe practiced way more than they ever played? Why would you not practice then?
  9. Delivering 5 star service is a minimum. You must wow your relationships and clients the entire way through and after. I just had a small surgery and the doctor called me on Friday to give me their emergency number and to check in on me after my surgery. That is caring about the patient's entire experience even afterward.
  10. Doing enough of all of this to live your financial desires. Imagine saving $100 a month for a trip from Arizona to Paris, France for a family of five and wanting to go in twelve months? Is that enough to get to the dream vacation? Think this way about what it will take to get to the lifestyle you truly desire, and then as a minimum do the things you need to get there and then always make sure those are enough and if not, do more.

A key note when trying to communicate with a new prospect is that all forms of communication are important until you learn their preferred form of communication. Just because you do not like to do XYZ communication does not mean you ignore it, because you could be ignoring a great person and a great commission check, and a great referral source.

As your career goes all of your five star people should be referring to your business and doing repeat business with you.

In Arizona if you are looking for a great real estate team to join to coach, mentor, and train you then you need to reach out to the James Sanson Team at Dorrmat®. The team is in Three main markets: Phoenix Metro, Tucson Metro, and Yuma Arizona. Contact Brittany to learn more about the real estate team.

If you have not started your Arizona School of Real Estate then you should get busy if you read this article to this point and still believe you can do it. We cannot teach self belief nor work ethic. The rest we believe we can teach.

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