The Complete Guide To Get Real Estate Seller Leads Online

The Complete Guide To Get Real Estate Seller Leads Online

The real estate business is highly competitive, and a real estate agent needs to put in meticulous efforts to ensure they stand in the market. If you want to be a successful agent, it is essential that you manage to acquire high-quality seller leads through effective lead generation strategies.

New agents may have noticed a sure and steady shift towards online lead generation methods, and many new agents are inclined to incorporate these methods in their lead generation strategies. However, before we examine the methods to garner leads virtually, there is a need to understand the importance of lead generation and why is it necessary to devote your efforts towards lead generation.

What Is Real Estate Lead Generation, And Why It Is Important?

Whether you are an experienced real estate agent or aspiring to be one, lead generation is the one aspect that needs to be taken seriously. Gaining high-quality seller leads is considered the backbone of the real estate business. When you have an effective lead generation strategy and a real estate marketing proposition in place, you can easily gain real estate leads. It is a way you can grow your business and increase the revenue scale every year. The important thing to note here is that you need to convert the seller leads into potential clients. Just having leads that are not qualified is not to your advantage. You cannot just keep increasing your list of leads without getting into business with them.

You might come across a lot of real estate professionals who are putting in efforts to generate quality leads for their business. But not everyone seems to succeed in the business. Do you know why? It is because many do not have proper marketing statistics and lead generation tactics. Only when you put in the efforts in the right direction, with efficiency, you can generate seller leads.

Leads can be buyers as well as sellers. Usually, the agent's lookout for the seller leads so that they can convert them into customers, get their properties sold within the stipulated time and earn a good commission. That is why in this article we are going to cover all the key online lead generation strategies that you could employ to maximize the potential of your leads in minimal time.

How To Employ The Marketing Tactics To Generate Real Estate Seller Leads

You need to understand and identify the real estate niche you wish to serve, and then offer your services to the target audience. For instance, if you wish to work with property sellers in the suburbs, then all of your marketing should be geared to attract that target segment. Once you have identified the target audience, then you can incorporate these best lead generation tactics to generate qualified leads. The strategies are not dependent on cold calling and door-knocking methods. These methods are all tactics that you can implement through the online mode.

1. Connect With Well-Known Real Estate Agents Through Online Groups And Communities

Working with experienced real estate agents is extremely valuable. The experienced agents have a strong customer base, and they can provide you with a list to get started. These agents will also help you develop a strong customer relationship with prospective buyers and sellers. Besides, different agents have a customer base in the different regions around the city or state. You can get in touch with them through online communities for agents.

You can find these communities on various social media channels such as Facebook Groups and LinkedIn groups. You have the opportunity to meet new and influential people who can help you to generate leads. Through the groups, you can find agents who have already worked out various ways of lead generation so you do not have to waste time in trial and error. Interacting with them and learning from them will help you know various online lead generation techniques that rookie agents do not possess.

2. Drive Traffic To Home Valuation Landing Pages

You can create landing pages on home valuation that will help you drive traffic to your website. When you do this, you attract new leads into the marketing funnel. The more data you have in your customer relationship management (CRM) software, the better, as you can draw a larger crowd to your sales funnel.

Every year, there are innovations in the process of home valuation, and thus you can mention all of this on the landing pages. On landing pages, you can explain everything about the market status, information on the local real estate market, selling propositions, information for buyers, and much more. It is a constructive way to generate buyer as well as seller leads.

3. Expired Listings And FSBO Listings

You might have come across many agents who prefer not to engage with the expired listings and FSBO listings. The agents do not consider these types of leads as qualified and do not wish to put the effort into converting them. If you want to grab this missed opportunity, then start with the expired listing. Look for older listings as for this competition among the agents is usually less.

Go through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to get data on such listings. Get in touch with the homeowners and try to understand the issues they are facing. Usually, these listings are the houses that have not got any potential buyers for more than 6 months. Once you figure out the issue, it may be possible to re-market and get these homes sold.

Similarly, you can shortlist all the FSBO listings, reach out to the owners and try to persuade them to work with an agent by showcasing how it will benefit them. You can explain your concept to get the house sold within a short period and also get them the best deals.

4. Have A Real Estate Website

The power of having an online presence in these digital times is massive. A website can be put to use in different ways to generate high-quality leads and even convert them into potential clients. These are some of the components that need to be on a good website. Choose from these the best way to generate real estate seller leads for your business.

Interact With The Users Through Chatbots

When you utilize chatbots on the website, it is easier to get in direct contact with the users instantly. You can interact with them and know what they are looking for. You can suggest your services or blog page to find solutions. It also enables you to be available 24x7 on your website.

Start A Real Estate Blog

Having a blog section on the website can help you drive immense traffic. You can share information regularly to keep your readers engaged with your content. It is a great way to connect with your potential customers for your business brand and convert them into leads. Through the blogs, you can form a community of readers and develop a personal connection with the readers. This is an effective way to generate real estate leads.

Display Reviews And Ratings

If you have been in the business for a long time, then you might have a good database of past clients. You can share their reviews in the form of testimonials on the website. The testimonials can be in the form of videos or ratings. This will increase the level of trust in the minds of prospective customers. This is also called social proof and is immensely helpful to find new leads.

Focus On Generating Lead Magnets Lead magnets are essential if you are looking forward to getting high-quality real estate seller leads. It means you can ask for referrals from your visitors, readers, friends, family, and colleagues in return for some incentives.

You can even ask the visitors to provide their contact details in return for the free services and discounts. Therefore it is called a lead magnet. You can even use this tactic to convert seller leads into customers.

Employ Search Engine Optimization

Once you have included everything in the website, it is essential to follow the SEO parameters to ensure high visibility of your website on search engines. If the visibility is not high, it becomes difficult to get the desired traffic on the website. The SEO factors usually include the usage of the right keywords, internal linking, external linking, title, description, and alt tags.

By having a dynamic website, no financial investment is required. It is a way of generating organic leads or free real estate leads.

5. Real Estate Agents Should Consider Social Media Marketing

Do you use social media platforms to generate real estate seller leads? If not, then start doing it now! Many social media sites can help you to attract traffic to your website.

For instance, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are all popular platforms used by realtors to get new leads. You can create a Facebook business page to share information on the real estate market, buyers, sellers, etc. The information can be in the form of videos, blogs, articles, and images. You can increase your followers and share tips to help resolve their issues.

You can get in touch with like-minded people, ask them to follow your business page, and share authentic information. The page followers will gain knowledge from what you share and find your services authentic. You are, in a way, building trust in your followers so that they look forward to working with you. Similarly, you can create business pages (called a company page) on LinkedIn and use them for generating new leads.

You can get in direct chat with the consumers and focus on generating seller leads. Social media is a part of digital marketing that also includes lead generation through paid platforms — Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads.

Facebook Ads allow you to generate lead forms that can be easily shared on the different news feeds of the followers. The interested people can fill in the form and later get in contact with you. To capture the attention of your audience, you can use videos ads or image ads.

Similarly, Google is the best platform that can redirect the traffic to your website or main landing pages. You have to utilize the competitive keywords to get a better position in ad placement. Through Google Ads, the probability of getting qualified seller leads will increase.

6. Organize Virtual Events

Organizing virtual events is an effective way to generate seller and buyer leads in the current scenario. You can send out invites through emails or social media platforms and encourage people to join the virtual event. You can include everyone including, local business owners, sellers, buyers, financial managers, mortgage lenders, lawyers, and many other agents. You can encourage the interested people to sign up for the online lead forms so that you can get their contact information. Through this, you can generate more leads, and it is completely free.

Why Online Real Estate Portals Are Gaining Popularity

An effective way to enhance the lead generation tactics to gain qualified real estate leads is through virtual platforms that provide quality home seller leads. Earlier, the agents used to get numerous leads, which were of low quality. It was difficult for the agents to reach out to such people and convert them into customers. But now, many websites can help real estate experts to generate high-quality leads and develop strong customer relationships in a hassle-free way.

Dorrmat is an online seller lead generation platform that helps agents find leads. The interested agents have to register on the platform with all the required details. Based on the information received, the tool will gather a list of qualified seller leads and provide them to the realtors. Now the agents have to focus on their skills to convert them into customers. Dorrmat has a vast presence in the Arizona real estate seller leads market, and thus provides quality leads of home sellers in cities like Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, and more.


Now you have understood why it is essential to generate leads to grow your business and drive sales, and why you need to understand the reason lead generation is gaining popularity through online techniques. The customers and their needs are evolving every day, and the old techniques of door knocking or phone calls have become less efficient. Embracing the new ways for lead generation and lead nurturing is crucial for steady growth. So choose the right techniques and start generating leads.

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