The Best Way to Get Real Estate Leads: Give Them More for Their Money

The Best Way to Get Real Estate Leads: Give Them More for Their Money

Real estate agents have become something of a commodity service. People are aware of what real estate agents can offer and the cost of doing business with them. There isn’t much to differentiate one agency from another, aside from any niche specialties or reputation. This makes it hard to know the best way to get real estate leads - how do you compete?

One effective technique is to offer an incentive to do business with you (aside from great service). Here are some ways you can sweeten the deal for sellers and buyers alike:

Offer a High-Value Giveaway

When marketing your real estate services, add a little incentive to start getting seller leads. Some agents recommend offering vacation packages that are valued high but can be purchased at a discount.

You could also run a high-value giveaway contest throughout the agency to increase your social media following, email signups, and other lead magnet responses. This will help you collect leads that you can continue nurturing after your giveaway contest is over. Stay top of mind and continue building your authority so they’ll know who to contact when they’re ready to sell.

Connect Your Sellers with Contractors

One of the most daunting Parts about selling a home is getting it ready for new owners. In many cases, the current homeowner has let a lot of issues slide under their radar, and when they're ready to sell, they find themselves with a massive to do list of repairs and upgrades.

A great real estate agent will be able to help take some of these repairs off their plate by connecting them with reputable contractors. As an agent, you should have the 411 on local contractors that can handle just about any type of job a homeowner will need to accomplish before listing. This helps to reduce the friction the homeowner experiences when trying to get their home sell-ready.

Take On the Role of Consultant

Homeowners who have never sold a home before or haven't sold a home in several years are likely to have millions of questions. Their first point of contact to find answers to these questions will be you, the real estate agent.

It's important for you to not only highlight your sales and marketing experience, but also demonstrate your knowledge on real estate transactions and all the other moving Parts your homeowner will experience.

Taking on the role of consultant when it comes to getting the home ready to sell, keeping it clean in between showings, and making negotiations can help to tip the scales in your favor. It also increases your level of service to the client, which they may find to be more valuable than the average real estate agent.

Best Way to Get Real Estate Leads: Boost Your Incentives with Dorrmat

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If you want to know the best way to get real estate leads, the only thing you should focus on is how you can deliver value. Dorrmat helps you do exactly this - discover its features for yourself!

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