The Best Way to Get Listings for Real Estate Agents

The Best Way to Get Listings for Real Estate Agents

There are a lot of moving parts to being a real estate agent. From hosting open houses to showing homes, putting out yard signs and closing deals, every day looks a little different. One of the most important aspects: knowing the best way to get listings for real estate agents.

Getting listings is every real estate agent’s goal. This ensures that you’ll get a commission when the property sells, which isn’t always the case when you’re representing buyers. Plus, having your name as the listing agent is an excellent marketing tool. It proves someone has trusted you with the sale of their home, plus your name will be on their yard sign and other marketing materials you use to promote their property.

Truth be told, it's a lot easier to get listings when you already have a solid real estate career. People are familiar with your name, they know your reputation, and they trust that you can get their home sold quickly. But as a new agent, you don't have this luxury. To get to this level in your community, the best thing you can do is focus on growing your network. Why Networking is Essential to Getting Listings Much like real estate, networking is a numbers game. The more people you meet and the more contacts you make, the more people you know that could become potential buyers or sellers. It also gives people a chance to put your face with your name and learn more about what you do. Take every opportunity to talk about real estate and get to know the people in your community so you’ll be the first person they think of when they need an agent.

Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

Networking is a skill that has to be learned and cultivated. If you’re new to networking, here are some tips to help you get started: Call everyone you know. Your first leads as a new agent are likely to come from your own inner circle. If family or friends don’t need your services, they’re likely to know someone who does and will gladly refer them to you.

Knock on doors.

Introducing yourself to people in your community is a great way to help you start building familiarity. If you’re showing a house or have a listing, knock on other doors in that community to let people know who you are. You may end up getting leads simply by prospecting in areas where you’re already active. Mask up in 2020, but soon enough believe it or not we will be back to a non covid world. Host an event. If you want to make a lot of contacts in a short time span, host an event and invite people to come. This could be a class on something related to real estate, or it could even be a networking event for area business owners.

Ask for recommendations.

As you start building your network, reach out to them and ask them to leave you an online review or LinkedIn endorsement. Don’t forget to offer to do the same for them. When people see others recommending you, they’re more likely to want to do business with you, too.

Categorize Your Relationships

You need to figure out who are your A+, A, B, C, and D relationships. You are always moving them up and down. It is like Major League Baseball. It is a what have I done for you relationship. This is a tricky position to manage as you are the one wanting their business, so are you being the one that they would love to do business with and refer too. Then are they people that you honestly enjoy and are equally yoked in the major things of life. Remember you are starting out now, so you can build your perfect databank.

Once you get yourself being the best version you can offer, and they are using you and referring you they work their way to A+, and over time if they are not they work their way to D. A+ gets invited to events like the Phoenix Suns, and your annual thank you dinner. Your A’s get invited to their A level events, your B through A+ get invited to a pie event, and C to A+ get postcards. The list can grow into amazing things and for more tips and ideas visit buffini and company.

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