Best Real Estate Schools in Yuma, AZ

Best Real Estate Schools in Yuma, AZ

Are you interested in a new, fast-paced career in Arizona real estate? Or maybe you’re ready to level up your certifications so you can continue thriving in your career. Whatever the case, finding a top-notch real estate school in Yuma, AZ is an important consideration.

Here’s what you need to know about being a real estate agent in Yuma, AZ and where to find the best local real estate schools.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent in AZ

To earn your real estate license in AZ, you must pass Arizona-specific licensing requirements, submit your paperwork, and pass your real estate exam with at least a 75% or better. Many aspiring agents take practice exams to prepare for the big test. Once you receive your certification, you’ll need to earn continuing education credits every two years to maintain your real estate role.

Some other requirements of becoming a real estate agent in AZ:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • The state of Arizona does not accept education credits from other states. To obtain your license, you must have 90 hours of classroom training. Online education is not an option for pre-licensing requirements.
  • You must obtain a fingerprint clearance card.
  • Applicants must provide a number of items with your application for licensure, including a social security card, criminal history background check, and more.
  • The fee to take the real estate licensing exam is $75, plus an additional $60 for first-time licensees.

Take all of these things into consideration when exploring your real estate career options.

Best Real Estate Schools in Yuma, AZ

To help you take the next step in your real estate career, it helps to find a school that will make obtaining your education hours a breeze. Here are our top picks for best real estate schools in Yuma, AZ:

Hogan School of Real Estate - Yuma

If you’re looking for a virtual option for your continuing education, Hogan School of Real Estate is a top choice in Yuma. Take your pick of a livestream course with a virtual instructor or a learn at your own pace course for scheduling convenience. For pre-licensing, they offer everything from contract writing (a requirement in AZ) to exam prep to core pre-licensing requirements.

Yuma Real Estate Academy

For licensing and continuing education, Yuma Real Estate Academy is a preferred choice among professionals. Their instructors are actively practicing real estate in Arizona, so you can benefit from their up-to-date expertise. One of their biggest advantages is their scheduling flexibility. With daytime and nighttime class options, you can earn your education credits around your schedule. They also provide a high level of support throughout each class all the way up to your final exam.

Next Steps

Once you earn your real estate license, it’s time to start your career. The James Sanson Team at Dorrmat® is actively brecruiting agents in Yuma, AZ and surrounding areas to help us grow! Contact us today to see what it’s like to be part of a winning brokerage.

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