Best Real Estate Leads: 5 Free Lead Gen Ideas

Best Real Estate Leads: 5 Free Lead Gen Ideas

Getting the best real estate leads might sound expensive, and in many cases, it is. Lead gen isn’t always cheap, and you could spend tons of time and money on leads without getting anything in return.

But while most realtors are throwing money at lead generation, you can take advantage of commonly overlooked ways to drum up leads that cost you nothing but time. Here are our top picks for free real estate lead gen ideas:

1. Look for Expired Listings

MLS listings that have expired can be highly effective leads. The listing expired because the home didn’t sell, and chances are the homeowner may still be interested in selling their home.

However, you need to approach these leads with caution. There’s a strong chance the person is frustrated with their current real estate agent for not selling the home in the expected time frame. If they really need to sell, they may be feeling discouraged or desperate. This can be a stressful situation for any homeowner, so you’ll want to focus on restoring their confidence and show how you plan to sell their home.

2. Share Original Content on LinkedIn

Getting the best real estate leads has a lot to do with the quality of your own reputation. People gravitate toward agents they trust and who they believe has the experience and ability to serve them.

One way to show off your expertise is to create thoughtful, helpful content published under your own name. In doing so, you become a thought leader in your market and can establish your professional credibility. By becoming the go-to expert, you’ll also build top of mind awareness about your agency and name so that people will come to you instead of you having to go to them.

3. Introduce Yourself to FSBO Homeowners

Home sellers that have listed their properties as a For Sale By Owner may find they need the help of a knowledgeable agent. FSBO properties account for just 11% of the annual market and sell for an average of $80,000 less than agent-listed properties.

Data shows that most For Sale By Owner properties struggle to price their home accurately, preparing their home for showings, and selling their home within their desired timeframe. These are all strengths of a real estate agent, and can be useful selling points when trying to get the listing.

If a FSBO property has been on the market for a few months, reach out to the owner to see if they’d reconsider listing with you.

4. Network at Open House Events

Open house events are far from dead. Many agents use them for networking, even when the open house isn’t for a property they’ve listed. Many visitors to open houses will drop by without an agent (this is one of the main benefits of having an open house in the first place), which gives you an opportunity to sell your skills and show why you’re the best choice to represent them.

5. Use Dorrmat® Lead Gen Platform

Dorrmat® is a lead gen platform designed by real estate agents for real estate agents. For many agents, the follow up is often the hardest part after acquiring the lead. Dorrmat specifically focuses on helping agents get seller leads and allows you to nurture your leads until they’re ready to make a decision without risking them falling through the cracks.

Explore Dorrmat today and get the best real estate leads in your area!

And for more insights, head back to the Dorrmat blog.

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