Best Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics

In an ideal world, home buyers and home sellers would be beating down your door trying to recruit your services. They would proactively reach out to you without you having to invest in online advertising, marketing, and reputation building.

But since we live on planet Earth and not in an ideal world, real estate agents have to work hard to get quality leads. If you're hoping to keep your sales funnel full, even during a pandemic, put these best real estate lead generation tactics to work today:

1. Host a Niche Real Estate Workshop

Do you want to target first time home buyers or sellers? What about investors that want to get their feet wet in real estate? Whoever your target audience, you can attract lots of leads when you host specialty real estate workshops.

These workshops should be informational in nature and not overly salesy. Most people will already pick up on the fact that you're an experienced real estate agent and will be the go-to person to partner with, so you don't have to do a lot of begging to get people to work with you. Instead, focus on delivering as much value as possible so that each person in your workshop will take something away, even if they aren't ready to work with you.

This is also an excellent opportunity to earn exposure for your agency and build up your brand.

2. Create a Local Facebook Group

There will never not be a need for quality information, especially on the local level. People are constantly asking questions about the local housing market, the best neighborhoods, local points of interest, and other details that you as a real estate agent are probably already privy to.

Instead of paying for expensive website hosting and maintenance, consider starting a Facebook group that will become the go-to source for all things local. Facebook groups are free to create and free for others to participate in. And as the group owner and leader, you'll have countless opportunities to connect with people within your community, respond directly to their questions, and build unmatched rapport.

3. Network at Non-Real Estate-Related Events

The true power of networking can never be underestimated. In many cases, real estate agents find the best real estate leads in the most unlikely places. This could be because in a nonbusiness setting, people are more focused on having fun and building authentic relationships with no strings attached. Defenses are down, and it's easier to get to know someone on different levels compared to events for business purposes.

Consider attending some non real estate-related events to expand your network. You can get to know a lot about someone and their goals and preferences when you're not really trying.

4. Partner with Dorrmat for Real Estate Seller Leads

Dorrmat’s unique platform offers a comprehensive collection of the best real estate lead generation tools you’ll find. The platform focuses on seller leads who are looking to sell their homes quickly.

As an agent, manually answering requests and phone calls can be a tedious task, but since speed is the name of the game in real estate leads, you need to be ready at the drop of a pin when business calls. Doormat adds speed to the process by responding on your behalf and puts you into the role of real estate consultant, not just local agent. The platform also includes a number of tools that you can customize for your brand and take the guesswork out of providing a standout experience to your clients.

See Dorrmat in action and what makes it one of the best real estate lead generation tactics to date.

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