Avoid these Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Avoid these Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Selling a home is not an easy process. Rather, it is a lengthy home selling process and many issues pop up when you are going to sell your house. When selling your home, you must avoid some major mistakes that can change the scenario entirely. Here are some common mistakes you must avoid if you want a positive result in the end:

Mistake no. 1: Letting your emotions intervene with your home sale

Letting your emotions interfere with your home selling process is a big mistake. If you want to sell your house successfully, you must separate your emotional attachment to your home. You will literally fail to negotiate with buyers if you can't separate your emotions. You must act like a professional and you have to be realistic.

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Mistake no. 2: Setting a wrong price

Underpricing or overpricing is one of the biggest home selling mistakes you will ever make. Generally, many real estate agents do comparative real estate market analysis to find out what comparable homes are selling in your region and they can give you realistic price ranges which can give you an idea about the approximate selling price of your house. Neither the higher price nor a lower price is a sweet spot for the listing price. If you won't be able to pick the sweet spot, you may end up getting less money or letting your home remain in the market for more time. 

Mistake no. 3: Choosing the wrong real estate agent

If you are preferring to work with a local real estate agent, you must make sure that you select a real estate agent who is best at the business. Some agents may ask for a flat fee while some other agents may ask for a percentage of the sales price. Before you make a deal with an agent, take time to interview the prospective real estate agents. To choose the best real estate broker, check their experiences, check their credentials and licensing, and talk with previous clients.

Mistake no. 4: Avoiding a professional photographer for photos

The majority of home buyers look for homes online. This is where photos play a big role. Buyers will only get interested in your home by observing your house photos. This is the first impression of your house you mustn't ruin. Professional photographers may charge around a couple of hundred dollars, but you will get clean, crisp photos with natural light. A professional photographer will also give you photos that highlight the best features of your house.

Mistake no. 5: Not paying attention to Staging

Staging a house may be a tiny or ignorable matter, but this little thing will add value to your property. As per many agents, home staging put a great impact on house selling and you will be able to sell your house fast. If you have skipped staging, you have done a huge mistake. Here is the rule of thumb for home staging, do not present an empty house to your potential buyers. You can rent decorations and furniture and decorations to the staging house.

Mistake no. 6: Not calculating the costs of selling

Not calculating the costs of selling is another big mistake you are going to do. In general, people keep 5-6% of the sales price aside to give a commission fee to the real estate agent. But, you are missing other costs of selling like repairing costs, closing costs, etc. including these your costs of selling become 10-12% on average. Calculating costs of selling helps you to revalue your house price as well as allows you to identify and fix those issues.


Mistake no. 7: Skipping curb appeal

When a potential buyer comes to your residence to see your residence, he will observe the exterior first. If they like your house's exterior because of the curb appeal, they will be interested to buy your home. Do not spend too much time preparing the interior of your home. Rather pay attention to the exterior a little bit more. If you boost up the curb appeal of the exterior, you are going to win the race. You can increase curb appeal by painting the exterior, mowing the lawn, clearing pathways, planting flowers etc.

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Mistake no. 8: Selling It By Yourself

If you do not have any experience or do not have enough idea about selling a home, it will be a wise decision if you hold yourself from selling your house by yourself. Rather, if you hire an agent, it will be a great option. Because selling a house by yourself is a great headache. Many home sellers sell their homes by themselves and they end up selling at lower prices than market value. Agents can bring better selling offers than you and they do it quite often. Because the higher the price, the higher the seller's and buyer's agent commission.

Mistake no. 9: Selling at the wrong time

The timing for sell your house for cash is everything and it will make all the difference in terms of price. If you sell your house at the peak season, you are most likely going to sell at the highest price. If you sell your house during the off-season, you are going to leave money on the table.

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