Arizona Short Sale and Pre-foreclosure Help

Arizona Short Sale and Pre-foreclosure Help

Short Sale Help

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What is a short sale? A short sale is when the homeowner owes the bank more money than the home is worth, so they are shorting the bank. A person can stay caught up on mortgage payments and still need short sale help.

A homeowner could need to sell their home, but they need the equity or the means to pay for the short. They can apply for the bank to approve their short sale. We have been working with short sales for decades and are here to help you through your short sale process.

For Arizona, Short Sale Help, call our short sale team at 1-855-750-SOLD

Pre-foreclosure Help

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Some property owners can find themselves in a situation where they are in pre-foreclosure and have the equity to sell their property. Others may face both pre-foreclosure and short-sale situations. Different mortgage types and investors have different rules and norms for handling pre-foreclosures mixed with a short sale. Some have a deadline based on when they receive the entire short sale packet before the trustee sale. If you are considering short selling, you should contact us as soon as possible.

If you're facing foreclosure and can't afford your home, you may be eligible for short sale help.

For Arizona, Pre-foreclosure Help, call our short sale team at 1-855-750-SOLD

Avoid Foreclosure

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There can be legal and financial ramifications associated with a foreclosure sale. With this said, we work with professional lawyers and CPAs, which we can refer you to for legal and financial advice toward a foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, or short sale. There are several reasons to avoid foreclosure.

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• Prevent a Public Foreclosure from Destroying Your Credit

A foreclosure is stressful, can be embarrassing socially, and will always show up on your credit report. Because we have a high rate of success with short sales in Arizona, we can help you short sell your home to avoid foreclosure and work directly with your lender to halt or postpone foreclosure proceedings.

• Obtain Money To Move

We know about all of the lender relocation programs and government relocation programs, and we'll help you get the money you need to start over after the sale of your home. Our typical client receives $3,000 to relocate at closing, subject to your lender’s approval.

• Stop Receiving Harassing Calls From Your Creditor

Once your loan is in the process of being foreclosed, you will get calls often, sometimes several times a day. We'll talk to the lender on your behalf to try to get rid of or cut down on the number of calls you get.

• Safeguard Against Future Liabilities And Bank Deficiency Judgments

A deficiency will result from the difference between what you owe and what the home sells for in a short sale. After a short sale, banks and their investors may attempt to collect the difference. We require the banks to put in writing that they waive their right to collect on any deficiency and that the loan has been repaid in full.

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