Advantages Of Joining A Real Estate Platform For Real Estate Agents

Advantages Of Joining A Real Estate Platform For Real Estate Agents

The real estate business is one of the sectors in the US poised to grow in the coming quarter. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), despite the adverse effects of the pandemic, the real estate market and the American economy showed tremendous resilience and have actually bounced back to close-to-pre-pandemic levels in a short span.

The reason for this remarkable turnaround is the fact that people are regaining jobs. In fact, Nashville, Raleigh, Phoenix, and Austin are some major cities predicted to regain all lost jobs in the coming months. This would lead to the movement of workers and employees between cities/states and an automatic spurt of real estate buying and selling. The question is, how many real estate agents are ready to take advantage of these spurt in home deals? How many agents can manage to attract a new client in these changing times? And the most integral question, how to actually gain these new customers?

The answer to all of these questions is simple —Work with an online lead generation platform.

A. What Is A Seller Lead Generation Platform In Real Estate Business?

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Online lead aggregating platforms have been growing steadily over the last few years. However, the pandemic certainly gave a major boost to this sector. All the safety norms meant that both homeowners and real estate agents could not rely on the usual methods of the real estate world to come together to carry out the real estate deals.

This led to a significant jump in the number of home sellers and buyers opting to find agents on such virtual platforms. This was also a period where a record number of agents registered on these portals. All the real estate companies work on the simple premise of acting as a virtual marketplace to bring together qualified agents with motivated home buyers and sellers.

The benefits for both parties are clear. Those looking for agents get the assurance of getting a qualified expert in their city to help them get the best real estate deal. The agents get to benefit from a steady supply of new clients, which enables them to focus on other aspects of the business and make it successful.

B. Reasons A Real Estate Agent Should Join An Online Seller Lead Generation Platform

1. Quick Real Estate Agent On-Boarding Process

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The process of acquiring a real estate license might have been a slightly long process. And this long process would have been followed by trying to find a suitable real estate brokerage to work with. However, unlike that process, the procedure to register on a real estate platform is pretty simple and effortless.

For instance, on Dorrmat, a leading name in the home seller leads generation segment, the process of registration for a brand-new agent is highly streamlined. All Dorrmat requires are personal details, such as name, location, etc. The real estate license details, along with the brokerage and sponsoring broker information. And finally, information about your social media channels, which would help create your profile on the Dorrmat portal.

Once your information has been uploaded and verified, your agent account gets created. And once you get the access, you can start acquiring leads in your target location. This ease of process ensures that within no time, you can start benefiting from a steady supply of potential clients.

2. Steady Supply Of New Leads

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This would be the prime benefit of working with a company that provides customers. Agents normally rely majorly on their brokerages to provide them with customers. Now, the supply of leads is dependent on three key factors. The first is the size of the brokerage, then the number of brokers and agents working, and finally the method of distribution of new prospects.

Many brokerages tend to allocate a higher proportion of the clients to their main brokers and realtors with a stellar performance. This adversely impacts new agents who are unable to meet their sales targets. Even if you are utilizing other methods to supplant your customer pool, it may still not be adequate.

In such a scenario, a platform like Dorrmat can benefit you really well. This is especially true for those realtors who are working for a boutique brokerage or virtual brokerage (which has grown since the pandemic started). With a large platform like Dorrmat, you can rest assured of the lead acquisition aspect. You will be able to maintain a steady pipeline of clients.

3. Dramatically Increase Your Lead Numbers

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With a platform like Dorrmat, it is akin to having your own brokerage. You have a wide range of resources being provided to you to ensure that you can capture more leads. Dorrmat has brought in years of experience in the real estate sector and combined it with technology to ensure that the agent benefits.

On such platforms, which are like a real estate marketplace meant to bring together a home buyer, seller, real estate broker, and a real estate agent, you are assured of acquiring customers. So whether you are a solo agent looking for help to boost your lead gen numbers or a successful agent looking to diversify your strategies to gain leads, platforms like Dorrmat have something valuable to offer everyone.

4. Real Estate Companies Utilize The Latest Technology

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Technology is a central aspect of the online real estate home seller lead aggregator. A key to helping a real estate agent find more customers is to ensure that technological components are top-notch. Dorrmat, for example, provides seamless integration with many other real estate software and tools to enable the agents to deliver their best.

Along with this, agents joining a real estate company are also provided with comprehensive reach support to ensure that they can function in an optimal manner and are not hindered by any technical snags. This is the reason why Dorrmat constantly strives to provide the best in real estate selling technology to its registered agents. The company also follows stringent technological upgrades and improved processes so as to offer the maximum benefits to the agents registered on this platform.

5. Make More Money In Less Time

A key benefit of working with a real estate team that provides you with potential clients is the money factor. If you take a moment to consider the fact that, on average, a real estate agent spends the major portion of his working hours trying to get potential customers to the first stage of the lead funnel. Thereby getting less time to work on nurturing the relationship with the home sellers, which facilitates the conversion from prospects to paying clients.

But when working with a company like Dorrmat, that issue will not arise. A branded name like Dorrmaat is enough to attract clients and convert them into sellers willing to give you their listings. It would automatically ensure that you are spending only a normal proportion of your time trying to find new customers. A greater proportion of time is allocated to working with the home sellers, preparing their homes for sale, and eventually negotiating a good deal for them. It ultimately gains you more income in the form of the commissions that you earn.

6. Many Platforms Provide Additional Training

On an online real estate platform, the entire team functions as one. The lack of rigid hierarchy means that there is better guidance, support, training provided to registered agents. A real estate agent needs to constantly upgrade his understanding and knowledge of the real estate market.

Online platforms recognize this need and organize regular training boot camps. These boot camps not only offer the best training for real estate agents but also provide them with an opportunity to meet and interact with other agents. These training sessions enable them to be their boss and gain the skills to be better team leaders.

Most agents gain further financial success by taking up national franchises of a real estate brokerage and setting up their full-fledged team. However, all this is possible due to the foundational strength that they have gained by working with a real estate team. The real estate team culture indeed provides lasting benefits.

7. Minimize Your Real Estate Investing

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For a new agent, there are lots of expenses that he is expected to bear in the first year. The first is the cost of the real estate courses required to apply for the real estate license. Then there is the cost of the license itself. On top of these expenses, both virtual brokerages and regular brokerages have charges such as desk fees and expenditures for marketing materials.

This may leave an agent with less money for actual tech support that is needed to remain up to date. A major platform like Dorrmat provides all of its agents with a robust set of real estate tools, which can minimize expenses for a real estate agent. Some of the major benefits provided by Dorrmat are as follows.

A. Excellent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

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The main tool provided by Dorrmat is a robust CRM. This is a crucial customer management tool that is essential in all businesses, including real estate ones. As a listing agent, one of the main components is lead nurturing. It is basically staying in contact and gradually converting the lead.

With the CRM provided by Dorrmat, you can easily segregate the potential home sellers, assign labels, automate frequent emails to be sent, and also set reminders for individual clients. All this enables highly efficient management of all your prospects and clients.

B. No Risk Of Loss Of Leads

At the start of a real estate career, no real estate agent can afford to lose customers due to any mismanagement. Now, a CRM will help you manage the less that you have already acquired. But what happens when you are away for work or pleasure? Unlike a traditional brokerage where a real estate agent has to be present with the real estate team to get allocated the new clients, in an online format, there is more freedom.

For instance, Dorrmat provides all of its registered agents a direct lead capture link. So no matter where you are, you will get a lead notification. You can directly add your potential customers to your CRM and begin the process of nurturing them and building a relationship with the home sellers.

8. Gain Work-Life Balance Benefits

Successful agents are well are of the fact that in the real estate business, the number of hours one puts is in is proportionate to the rewards one reaps. However, for most new real estate agents, this adage becomes extreme. Along with the pressures of setting up a successful small business, they are also required to work constantly to gain new customers.

Most of their time is spent trying to find potential clients, and out of the many that they find, very few turn out to be positive prospects. This situation renders real estate agents without an adequate work-life balance. This situation becomes untenable in the long run.

But by relying on a platform like Dorrmat, a real estate agent can fully focus on the work that they are meant to do. And they also derive better lead acquisition to lead conversion ratio. All this facilitates a better work-life balance for the individual and puts him on the fast track to being a successful real estate agent.


A real estate license is merely the first step in a long career. In order to be a successful real estate agent, you need to be a part of a real estate team, as these would enable you to gain multiple additional benefits apart from an uninterrupted supply of leads. As discussed above, real estate companies help you in all three crucial aspects of lead generation.

A reliable platform would help you acquire customers with minimal additional effort. It would enable you to effectively manage your clients, and it would equip you with tools that assist you in providing better service to your clients and also efficiently managing your small business as an agent. For getting all these benefits, visit Dorrmat today and be ahead of the curve of the real estate growth in the coming quarter.

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