Advantages of Dorrmat For Real Estate Lead Generation

Advantages of Dorrmat For Real Estate Lead Generation

For real estate agents, irrespective of where you are in your career, you need to have access to a high volume of home seller leads. The market is competitive, to say the least. So most agents are constantly on the lookout for ideas and reliable sources to get new home seller leads. One of the fast-growing ways of lead generation is online platforms. Today we shall be discussing one of the market leaders in this space. If you are based in Arizona, you would have definitely heard of the James Sanson Team and Dorrmat.

Dorrmat is an online real estate seller leads generation platform. In few short years, Dorrmat has managed to grow in success and become one of the top platforms for real estate agents to get quality home seller leads. It has managed this feat due to the core principle of the company. For Dorrmat, the key to bringing a new form of seller lead generation was -- technology.

From an early stage, the creators of Dorrmat understood that the real issue in real estate was not a lack of leads. People are always going to need homes and homeowners are always looking to sell their homes. The problem lays in the fact that the homeowners who wanted to sell their home could not find the right REALTORĀ® to help them and the agents could not find these sellers. The problem was also that the real estate agents were unable to carry out proper lead generation.

Dorrmat founders saw this opportunity and understood that they could do something different. They brought in a blend of years of business experience and new-age technology together with the primary focus on providing help with seller lead generation. Dorrmat knew that there was a need for this in the real estate market. They became the matchmakers between home sellers, buyers, and real estate agents. They help to build and foster connections that convert into potential real estate seller leads.

Now, most real estate agents are aware of Dorrmat but are not exactly sure how this real estate seller leads generation process works or what sets apart Dorrmat from the competition. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits provided by Dorrmat to the registered real estate agents on their platform.

A. Benefits Of Dorrmat For Real Estate Agents

The Dorrmat platform offers a wide range of features, which are highly beneficial for agents when it comes to getting reliable home seller leads. Some of the major advantages of Dorrmat are given below.

1. Easy Sign-On Process

Easy Sign-On Process.jpg

With a clear focus on bringing the best in real estate technology to the real estate agents and home sellers, Dorrmat has created a very simple process for onboarding the new agents. The registration process is very simple and quick.

2. Transparent System

Transparent System.jpg

Dorrmat prides itself on the end-to-end transparency regarding the entire system of obtaining real estate leads. This benefits both the real estate agents and their prospective clients, the home sellers, and buyers.

For the customers, registering on Dorrmat means that they will be able to get access to all the best agents in their local area. They are provided with quick and on-time updates and all the necessary information in an extensive manner. The process for homeowners is completely streamlined and simple. It helps a home seller to focus on getting their home sold without any hassles.

Similarly, for real estate agents too, Dorrmat has ensured that the technology helps you in the best way. It enables you to deliver your best services to the clients who need you. Once you start getting seller leads, you can reach out to the potential clients, discuss their home selling requirements and take the interaction further. Dorrmat wishes to provide a top-notch real estate experience to everyone on the platform with the help of the latest technology.

3. Branded Landing Page

As a real estate agent, it is essential for your real estate business that you have a robust online presence, both for drawing the attention of prospective seller leads and for making a good impression during your listing appointments. This is why Dorrmat provides you with a landing page that can be customized.

The landing page will help you present yourself in a better manner to the seller leads, you can have your business information and details put up. You can even create a section to share the positive testimonials given by your past clients.

This landing page can function both as a tool for marketing yourself as all of the relevant details about you, your skills, and your experience as a real estate agent can be highlighted. It is also an excellent tool to generate real estate quality leads. Every real estate agent understands that when it comes to real estate leads, quality leads are necessary because these are the ones that will pay off.

4. Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System.jpg

One of the first things a new real estate agent is advised to do is to invest in is a CRM tool. It is a tool necessary to manage all of your clients. However, the Dorrmat platform provides you with a robust and reliable system for free that helps you streamline your work. The very foundation of Dorrmat is on technology so it is understandable how technology can be utilized to ensure better work efficiency.

As a real estate agent, your primary tasks have two parts. The first part is lead generation, which is ably supported by Dorrmat. The second part is to manage all of your sellers in an efficient manner. You are going to working with multiple clients simultaneously. Therefore, Dorrmat provides you with the tool to help you. You can directly include your seller leads into this system. You can have all the necessary information regarding all your prospective clients in this. You can even arrange it in a manner that makes it easy for you to find the relevant information. For instance, you can divide the information as to past, current, and future clients.

This tool provided by Dorrmat is also helpful in planning as you can come up with proper strategies for each of your clients because you can see all of their relevant information in a single glance, such as the property details, personal information about the clients, important dates, and other relevant real estate information. It is easy to import or export all of this information. The extensive customization choices offered by Dorrmat ensure that you have an excellent client management system in your hands.

5. Create Vendor Database

Create Vendor Database.jpg

Dorrmat also provides the registered real estate agents an option to add vendors. In the real estate business, the vendors play a crucial role in getting referrals, which can turn into home seller leads. So to assist you to start building your real estate network, Dorrmat gives you the option of adding vendors. This feature gives you a dual advantage. On one hand, all of the vendors, such as appraisers, accountants, construction contractors, handyman service providers, home inspectors, or more can help boost your real estate business by referring your services to buyers or sellers who are their customers.

Similarly, on the other hand, engaging in a mutually beneficial business relationship with these vendors will help you provide better services to your leads. Every time a client needs the services of any of these real estate professionals, you would be able to share their contacts to help everyone save time.

B. Benefits of Obtaining Online Seller Leads

1. Saves Time

Real estate agents follow many different strategies and ideas for generating home seller leads. However, getting quality home seller leads from the Dorrmat platform helps save valuable time, as there is a continuous pipeline of leads. This enables the real estate agent to focus more on selling and thereby maximizing their earnings.

2. Quickly Expand Your Business

Grow Real Estate Business.jpg

For new real estate agents, Dorrmat is an excellent way to set up their business. Not only does it provide you with lead generation services but also gives you the support for marketing through the customized landing pages, customer management system, and a host of other essential features that lets you get ahead of your competition.

3. Must Adopt New Ideas

New Ideas In Real Estate Business.jpg

One truth is that in the real estate business, one must constantly rework the strategies for generating local real estate leads. Most realtors have already adopted social media platforms for furthering their reach, run their own real estate website, use a mix of marketing methodologies, and other ideas to ensure lead generation. However, trying to juggle multiple strategies may take some time or may not work right every time.

However, instead of trying out all of these ideas, it is better to start with the one that has a trusted track record of providing quality home seller leads. With Dorrmat, you get new leads and also other features to take your business to greater heights.

C. Common Lead Generation Problems That Dorrmat Can Help You Solve

Lead Generation.jpg

Problem 1:

Need for generating a high volume of leads. If you are facing difficulties in generating leads and are in need of a larger volume, then online real estate platforms like Dorrmat can be of immense help. It allows you to focus on other aspects of the business while the lead generation is handled by the real estate experts.

Problem 2:

Need for proper method for managing and converting each lead. One key challenge that many new agents face is that due to their budgetary constraints, they are unable to afford much of the software or provide necessary services to their clients. With a platform like Dorrmat providing their support, this issue can be easily overcome as this platform gives you a wide range of features on registration.

Problem 3:

Lead generation strategies are not working. You might be a successful agent and you may have lead generation strategies that have always worked for you, but for some reason, those are no longer fetching you the leads. The recent pandemic resulted in many new restrictions and social distancing norms being implemented.

This has definitely affected the traditional lead generation methods. So, if you have suddenly hit a dry patch and are getting only a random lead here and there, then Dorrmat is what you need. Because of its large-scale presence and an entirely technology-driven online model of being a marketplace for real estate agents and homes owners and home sellers, more and more people are opting for this virtual medium. Therefore, you will definitely start seeing an uptick in your home seller leads after registering on the Dorrmat platform.


It is indeed a challenge for real estate agents to generate real estate leads and ensure that they are achieving their career growth goals. Selling is challenging no doubt, but finding a lead is far more difficult. With the help of Dorrmat, this task not only becomes easier but also benefits you in multiple ways. There are many online platforms offering real estate leads, but at Dorrmat, you can be assured that you are getting quality home seller leads. If you are a real estate agent based in Arizona, then you must take advantage of the platform created by Dorrmat.

If you are an agent in Arizona, then Dorrmat will not only bring you in contact with your prospective leads, but will also ensure that with their robust and technologically sound system and support service, you are able to focus on helping your clients with their task of the home sale. Dorrmat is the answer when it comes to real estate lead generation.

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