9 Ways To Boost Real Estate Leads Generation In 2022

9 Ways To Boost Real Estate Leads Generation In 2022

The real estate industry has been constantly evolving with the advancement in technologies. However, along with this, there is a growing need for agents to also improve their lead generation techniques with time if they do not wish to lag from their competitors. If you want to have a successful business and become a successful agent, using the best lead generation strategy is a must. When you have numerous suitable leads in your database, generating sales and creating a steady stream of business revenue becomes simple and convenient. The difference in the methods to find leads is the difference between a market leader who manages to attract leads in a high volume and an agent who faces difficulties in getting new clients.

How Do You Generate Leads In Real Estate?

Real estate lead generation ideas are many and you may have tried a fair few of them. It is the best way to increase the valuation of your business in this industry. Moreover, you can have a good position in the market as an agent. While generating prospects, you can opt for generating either buyer or seller leads for your business. Without generating leads, it will be challenging to survive in the industry.

You can employ different ways to generate leads as an agent. To name a few, you can use online marketing tactics, social media platforms, websites, and various other tactics. The important thing to note here is that not all the tactics will be useful to you. You need to carry out trial and error to finalize the lead generation idea that works for you and your business.

What Are The Best Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate Agents?

If you consult an agent or expert, they would explain that all the methods for lead generation are best. In order to effectively target leads, there is a need to focus on the methods that are offered by the online platforms such as content marketing, online ads, social media posts, etc, to attract prospects and convert them into potential clients.

9 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

These are some of the best real estate lead generation ideas that we have listed below. When you implement these ideas or strategies to find new customers, there is no need for cold calling and door knocking. Even the customers have understood the significance of the online platforms and prefer the agents to follow the same.

1. Design A Real Estate Website

If you wish to be a successful agent, having a dynamic website is a good start. Whether you are an experienced real estate agent or a new agent, the site will bring good results. For that, you should know how to make the best use of the site. Many agents use it to display personalized content, reach out to the ideal audience, and build a real estate brand.

A. Publish Attractive And Engaging Content On The Website Pages

You can have more engagement and attract many leads if you can answer questions any new client tends to have regarding new listings, then they are likely to visit the website frequently. It will help you stand out from other agents. They will have confidence that you will provide better solutions for their property issues. You can share content based on the real estate marketing trends, services, the current situation of the industry, and helpful advice. Content has the power to attract the right audience so that you can convert them into new leads. Content can be in the form of new blog posts, videos, images, and podcasts. When you have this, you can develop your personal brand and become a leader. For instance, through your blog, you have the opportunity to create an entire community and get in touch with targets and potential customers.

B. You Can Display Testimonials And Use Live ChatBots

Although you may have a large volume of website visitors, it is of no use if you are not able to convert them into potential consumers. There are some easy way is to develop trust in the mind of people that you are authentic and have the expertise to handle property issues. Through your previous home sellers' positive reviews and ratings, you can show your new audience that you have worked and given proven results to your customers.

Apart from this, you can reach out to visitors through the medium of the live chat platform. Interact with them and know what they are looking for. It will make it easy for you to have a deeper insight into the customer's perspective. It is an easy and efficient way to attract users and generate great leads.

C. Carry Out Search Engine Optimization For Your Website

It's quite true that you can have a website and still not benefit from the market as an agent. The work does not end with developing and designing a website. To get the best leads you and new listings need to ensure that it is getting proper web traffic. Without proper optimization, your website will not gain visibility. There are certain SEO parameters that you need to incorporate in your website so that the website could be crawled and indexed by the bots. Once your site gets indexed in the search engines there is a direct impact on your SERP and because of the higher ranking, you will have a greater volume of traffic.

2. Real Estate Professionals Should Use A Real Estate CRM

You would come across fellow agents who claim that maintaining a client database is the most difficult thing. Yes, it is true, but to some extent. If you are not keeping the data of past clients, current clients, and prospective clients in an organized manner, it will make it difficult to manage the leads.

Rather than converting the clients, you will be wasting time with the data. In the year 2022, you need to focus on some better ways, such as using customer relationship management tools to maintain the data. The CRM tools and software are available online. You can check out the features of each one of them and get started.

The CRM tools will not just support maintaining the data but offer various other features. You can set reminders for important dates and send out direct mail. You can even analyze the behavior of the leads and take proper measures to convert the inquiries into customers.

3. Real Estate Agent Should Make The Best Use Of Social Media Platforms

Using a social media platform is one of the best real estate business lead generation ideas that can help you generate real estate leads, build brand awareness and gain social proof.

Social media is quite popular, and there are millions of users who are consistently using the platforms to access a wide range of information. Taking advantage of the social media features to generate more leads is an efficient way. There are many social media sites that you can use to get paid and organic traffic.

Create Facebook Business Page

The most common way to gain social proof is through Facebook. Out of all the social media sites, statistics show that Facebook is the most used. You can create an audience-targeted business page and Facebook groups to share useful content. The content can be video links, infographics, images, and much more. It will get you in touch with the property owners and potential buyers. It also provides a mode to interact with them to close the deals.

Besides Facebook, you can use Twitter, Instagram, and Quora to gain followers who can be redirected to the web pages.

Try Out Paid Advertising

Through paid ads, you have the opportunity to maximize the number of visitors to the website or main landing pages. Whether you are opting for google search engine ads or Facebook ads, they will be helpful for the local real estate agents.

A. Google Ads

Google provides a great way to generate estate leads through the paid tools of the search engine. Many realtors use it on a regular basis to understand seller and buyer personas and get potential leads through it. It is easy to utilize a specific format with keywords and descriptions to direct the targeted audience to a specific landing page.

B. Facebook Ads

If you want to boost your client base, design a Facebook ad for your target audience. These ads work as a gold mine through which you can get many potential home sellers. Even if you are having a new business, the ads will work for you.

4. Your Real Estate Market Growth Benefits From Open Houses

Many real estate agents choose an open house event to get more referrals. It is an effective way to get buyers for the house that the owners need to sell. You can consult other realtors to gather people for your event from local businesses. Get in touch with people to provide them free real estate advice and gain lead generation potential through their response. If not live events, you can arrange holiday-themed virtual events or a virtual tour through live videos and give your elevator pitch.

5. Real Estate Agents Employ Effective Lead Generation Strategies Through Online Portals

One of the latest trends in real estate services is to use portals to generate great opportunities for potential clients. Most realtors are not interested in circle prospecting but prefer using a site that provides them high-quality seller leads. Dorrmat is one of the best, most reliable, and trustworthy platforms which will provide you with better clients and prospective leads. You have to register on the Dorrmat portal along with your details. Based on the specified details, you will be given a list of qualified leads.

You need to choose your ideal client and convert them into customers. Many agents find it reliable and are using it to get enhance their database. Especially for agents in Arizona, Dorrmat provides high-quality leads of home sellers across all major cities in the state.

6. Generate Leads Through Targeted Advertising Solutions

Using targeted adverts helps to find buyers as well as sellers. You can choose multiple platforms that are related to this and show the ads on those platforms. The targeted ads have better touchpoints, and they provide an efficient way to convert the prospects into customers.

The flexibility of choosing the location is completely dependent on you so that you have a better understanding. You can even employ predictive analytics techniques to ensure that you are getting in touch with the clients. Targeted ads are used to enhance the quality of the ads and become a great source of generating valuable clients.

For Successful Real Estate Business Use Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategy

7. Have You Tried Advising Those Interested In Real Estate Investing?

Many times it happens that the first-time homebuyers and sellers do not have any idea of investing in the market. You can use various techniques to explain your thoughts and influence people to take action. It is a way to develop relationships with brokers, prospects, and make them understand the concept of investment.

One of the ways to generate real estate leads in this sector is by attending the local chamber of commerce meetings. These community gatherings are an excellent professional space meeting, marketing, and creating a bigger sales base within your neighborhood.

8. Focus On Real Estate Photography

Do you know that real estate photography is an essential way to boost real estate lead generation by capturing the attention of buyers and convincing them to buy the properties? You can hire a professional photographer who has great photography skills and take perfect pictures of the home. These photos are uploaded on the listings portals and displayed to the prospects. Even if you have expired listings, photos can make wonders and get you, probable buyers. This, in turn, makes sellers want to work with you to get their homes sold.

9. Collect Leads Through Email Marketing

Do you want more leads but need a hassle-free way? Send marketing emails! You can design original content and get a list of interested people. Through emails, you can keep the audience updated with useful information related to the market conditions, favorable situations to buy a house, sell a home, search for a realtor, and many other topics. The useful content will increase the level of trust in the audience, and they will find it a great opportunity to work with you.


The real estate world keeps throwing new challenges at real estate marketers and agents. They need to employ the right lead generation ideas to bring in new leads and maintain a proper flow of clients to your business. You have the flexibility to choose any of the given ideas to generate qualified seller leads for your business. If you want to develop the capability to develop a stronghold on the market, these lead generation strategies will be useful. In the year 2022, you need to eliminate the old-school cold calling methods and focus more on actionable and effective lead-gen tactics.

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