9 Easy Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get Their Listings Noticed

9 Easy Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get Their Listings Noticed

Knowledgeable, smart, and unique — a real estate agent is expected to be all of this and more. Now, two of the most challenging aspects of the real estate business are first how to get a real estate listing and then how to attract enough attention towards the property to sell it and satisfy your clients.

A lot of listing agents focus entirely on acquiring the new listings and may at times struggle to ensure that each of those properties gets sold quickly. If care is not taken then the future leads may get wary as the selling ratio takes a hit and most potential sellers may be worried about the average time the home takes to get sold.

In this article, we are going to share with you nine easy ways real estate professionals can make their listings stand out from all of the other homes that are up for sale. Most of these ideas are also free and even the paid ones add value to your marketing. These strategies will help you to improve your sales ratio and reduce the average time it takes from listing to getting the property sold. This, in turn, will enable you to attract more potential clients as you would create a long list of successful sales.

Get Your Real Estate Marketing Right

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In the real estate business, homeowners looking to sell are looking for an agent with the right marketing mix, as that agent would be able to bring the interested buyer and seller together. One integral component of a listing appointment is to convince the seller regarding how effective your sales strategy and marketing efforts are going to be. You need to emphasize the value addition that you will bring.

The following are are some of the most convenient ways to get more buyers and buyer's agents interested in your listing:

1. Email Your Clients

Send a quick email to your list of contacts and clients in your CRM. Make sure to catch their eye with a short yet informative subject line. This is one of the easiest ways to get potential customers, because even if your contacts are not interested, they may pass on your email to someone in their own contacts who might be looking for something like that.

One of the best ways to write eye-catching headlines for your real estate listing marketing material is to pick out one or two key features of the house and highlight those--preferably pair them up with stunning professional photos.

High resolution, professionally taken photos are a must as you can use them in your other marketing activities too. You need to ensure that the photos catch the eye of a potential buyer who is casually scrolling through the emails, blog posts, or comes across your ads.

In each strategy that we have mentioned, it would be really helpful to have these kinds of high-quality photographs as most of your future customers are going to be looking at these first and then read the rest of the information.

2. Utilize Social Media

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The next strategy to employ is to use the power and reach of social media. A lot of millennials and Gen-Zers were already preferring the virtual medium for their real estate transactions. The after-effects of last year's pandemic have made it all the more necessary for all real estate professionals to take advantage of the virtual platforms. Social media can help you generate leads and also help you to get homes sold.


The social media giant Facebook can give you an excellent pool of potential buyers to target for your real estate marketing. You can run ads on Facebook and Messenger. The best part of these ads is that you have excellent control over the parameters.

You have multiple choices in terms of fine-tuning your target demographics such as age, income levels, preferred neighborhood, and many more. Using Facebook, your ads will be shown only to those who might turn out to be future buyers.


Being a visual medium, Instagram is perfect for highlighting new properties. Create a buzz by using a mix of high-resolution photos and the right hashtags that will get your post noticed by a large population of users on Instagram.

3. Conduct Open House Events

Open houses are an excellent tool for real estate marketing, not just for yourself, but also for all of your current homes that you are handling. You can show a small presentation to the open house attendees regarding the other similar properties that are on the local market. Always have a sign-in sheet at the entrance to the open house to gather their contact information and phone number. After the event, you could send them all an email providing the details about the other properties.

Always ensure that you are meeting all of the visitors at the open house. Hand out your business card and tell them to give you a call for anything related to the local real estate market or business.

4. Cold Calling

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Another excellent idea is the traditional cold calling. We understand that most realtors are not comfortable making a phone call. It is instinct to avoid interactions that have a high potential of rejection, and cold calling is definitely one of those kinds of interactions.

However, if you have a properly prepared script, then you can overcome the initial hesitation and make this work to your advantage. The simple way is to have a daily target of five or six calls to make. Convey a short message about how a new house has become available in a particular neighborhood and quickly give them your contact information and ask them to reach out to you if they or someone they know are interested.

5. Video Marketing

A new trend that has really grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months is the tactic of video marketing. With varying levels of restrictions and precautions to be taken in different cities, most buyers are wanting to make sure that home would be worth spending time over before they drive over for an open house or house tour with their realtor. Even Google has started placing video results for search at the top.

A pro tip for getting your marketing video right is to stage the home as you would for a house tour and get a professional to shoot and edit the video. Post these videos across your social media and other platforms. Apart from this, you can also create videos showcasing the neighborhood, local businesses and also offer real estate marketing advice. All of this will bring the right kind of attention to the properties you have listed.

6. Reach Out To Past Clients

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A great tactic used by many agents is to always send flyers and information regarding newly listed properties on the market to all of your past clients. At times these could lead to a repeat buyer or they may refer you to another client. In some cases, many people might not even be thinking of buying, but your flyer or email could be the nudge that they need.

Even if they themselves are not looking for a home, they are bound to know others in their social circle who might be looking to purchase a new home, and as a client, with whom you have worked in the past, will be more than happy to provide you with a referral.

7. Promote It On Your Website

A new real estate agent must have a website so that all of the interest and traffic generated from the other platforms can be funneled in the right direction. Whenever someone runs a Google search for homes, your website should be among the first few that they see. On your website, apart from having effective landing pages with the right CTA (call to action ) and blog pages, you can also have a "new on the market" section. This is what is called offering value to the client. This will attract both house owners and buyers, as they will be eager to know about what is the current conditions and availability in the housing market business.

In this section, keep updating all of the details regarding the properties you are handling. Make sure to include all of the required details, such as location, number of beds & baths, neighborhood, and any other essential detail that would make it attractive to the leads. Keep updating the blog post section too on all the local homes up for sale and free advice on increasing home value.

8. Inform Friends And Family

Apart from reaching out to your past customers, you must also reach out to your personal network. Remember word of mouth publicity is almost as good as Google to let people know about the homes up for sale. Informing your family and friends is an excellent option for getting the news about the property to reach the right person.

At times, friends, family, or someone they know could be on the lookout for a new home. These are buyers who are mostly unaware that a perfect home might be available. By reaching out to your social circle, you would ensure that there is maximum marketing of the home and you find the right buyer.

9. Utilize Local SEO Services

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One of the ideas that most real estate professionals believe has made a major impact on their marketing success is the utilization of local search engine optimization services. This will ensure that anytime someone searches for anything related to real estate in a specific neighborhood, your website would show up high on Google search rankings.

You can also run an online ads campaign on Google and highlight all of the new properties. This will attract more visitors to your site. From the site, you can take them to the right page which has all the property-related information. All of this will ensure that your properties are being noticed by the right client.

With the kind of competition and excess of information that is available online, using professional SEO services is really helpful as it promotes your services differently. By using the right mix of keywords and phrases with a good mix of location, home type, suitability for family/ individual, and more, the SEO services will ensure that your page tops the Google search results and you have a good number of visitors. Many of these site visitors might turn out to be clients in the future.

Tips For A Real Estate Agent To Get Listings

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1. Ace The Listing Presentation

The listing appointment is the crucial part of getting new customers. You need to try and ensure that you are able to convince the client to sign the agreement. It is common knowledge that most sellers go with the agent that they last meet with. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are able to make a strong impression on the homeowners and convince them that you will give your best to sell their homes.

Having a properly prepared listing pitch, along with a short and impressive presentation will help you be more convincing. Make sure to include details regarding similar properties that you have sold in the neighborhood. You need to ensure that the seller feels that you will be the best when it comes to ensuring that they get the best price for their home.

2. Target Expired Listings

Most realtors are wary of approaching these homeowners. They believe that there must be something wrong with the property. However, that is not always the case. Many times a property remains unsold because the market conditions are not right, or maybe the property was not marketed in the right way.

However, with a renewed marketing strategy and fresh perspective, a resourceful agent may be able to get the property sold this time around. Always remember that these are homeowners who are clearly motivated sellers, so with adequate planning, getting these homeowners to work with you is fairly simple.

3. Online Seller Leads Generation Platform

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One of the easiest ways for agents to get quality seller leads is by registering on an online platform. Platforms like Dorrmat provide them with a steady pipeline of leads interested in selling. This massively reduces the time taken to search for potential customers.

Moreover, a platform like Dorrmat provides more than seller leads. They provide excellent support by providing a host of additional features too. From a robust CRM tool to vendor inclusion, or from a professional landing page to lead notification, Dorrmat ensures that any agent registered on their platform has the best.


These are some of the key real estate marketing and lead generation strategies for realtors. All new real estate agents need to develop a selling strategy that enables them to provide the best in terms of service to their clients. Going the extra mile helps build long-term relationships which can bring in referrals in the future.

These tips are meant to get a new real estate agent all prepared to handle the challenges of the real estate business. However, this industry like any other rewards those who are able to adapt to the changing times. By utilizing these tips, you can ensure that you are both getting new real estate listings and also able to market them in the right way to attract the right kind of buyers.

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