7 tips for increasing your home value

7 tips for increasing your home value

Your home is the greatest investment you make in your lifetime. While purchasing your home, you are extremely vigilant. You check every nook and corner of the house before you make your final decision to purchase your next home. Similarly, while selling your home, your priority is to gain the maximum profit from the sale of your home. In order to gain maximum profit, you need to impress your buyers, and that would be possible when you are increasing the value of your home. Increasing the value of the home is of utmost importance if you want to get the right price, find the right buyers, and get the home sold within a stipulated time. According to expert real estate agents, your home must get good buyers within the first 6 months of your home listing on the market. If the home stays on the MLS for a long time, it is generally ignored by the buyers. Your home gets overlooked because the potential buyers assume that there are issues with the home or the seller due to which the home is still on the market. Even if that is not the case, most buyers prefer houses that are recent listings.

These points or facts show that it is highly essential to increase the value of the home to get a good deal and attract buyers. So how to increase the value of your property? Is there a perfect way to do it? There are many things that you can follow up on to increase the value of your dwelling. Here are some expert tips from agents, which will help you understand how to increase the value of your home.  

1 Understanding And Analyzing The Condition Of The House:

Although your home might look extremely normal to you, this is only due to the fact that you have been staying in the home for a long time. Only people visiting your home might notice all the little flaws. So you can hire a professional home inspector who can help you in determining the faults in the home, which can potentially decrease the value of your home. The professional inspector will analyze all the nooks and corners of the home and list out all the things that you must do to increase the value of your home. There are primarily two major steps:  

A. Declutter & Depersonalize The House:

This is one of the most essential things that you need to do on a priority basis. Decluttering refers to gathering and discarding all the unnecessary things which you do not need or use infrequently. If the things are out of order, you can discard them. But if they are in good condition, however, you do not need them, then donate them. It will make your home look perfect, clean, and tidy. Once this is done, you would be able to notice that your home is looking more spacious and better organized.

Besides decluttering, you need to remove and pack all the things that give the home a personal touch. For instance, you can remove the photo frames and various decor items that you have used to decorate the home. All this is necessary because the buyers must be able to picture themselves in the home. All your personal belongings might be very distracting. When you are decorating the home to impress the buyers, your goal should be to keep it neutral. It will definitely increase the value of the home.   

B. Inspecting The Roof & Siding:

Besides the interior of your home, you must get the roofs and siding inspected by professionals. The professionals would conduct a thorough inspection and let you know the condition of the roofs, as well as the sidings. If there are any repair works required, you can get those done immediately and make the roofing system secure. Moreover, if you want to improve the curb appeal of the home, you can replace the old dingy shingles with new ones. It will make your home look bright and increase your home's value. Similarly, with siding, if any repairs works are required you can get that done or if the siding is damaged beyond repair, then you can completely replace the sidings with new ones.

The additional curb appeal items that really help would be fresh new paint on your facia trim, and front door. Along with this you can spruce up and clean up your landscaping.  

2 Improving The Aesthetic Of The Garden Area:

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Your lawn or the garden is the first thing that the buyers would notice while entering the property. Do you think they will like dirty gardens that are not kept well-maintained? Certainly not. You can improve the look of the garden area by mowing/trimming the overgrown grass. You can also add a splash of color by exhibiting flowering plants. You can get the pavement area cleaned and get all the edges lined up with decorative pots.

Along with the garden area, you can get the fencing inspected and get all the repairs done within the stipulated time. You can also apply a fresh coat of paint to the fence so that it looks new and perfect.  

3 Renovating The House Interior Features:

Although you have decluttered the home and organized it to impress the buyers, there is something more that you must do to increase your home value. Check the walls, ceiling, furniture, door, and windows. To remove the old lived-in look and impart a new/fresh look to the property, you can apply a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling, walls, doors of all the rooms as well as windows. With a new coat of paint, you could be able to cover up all the scratches, cracks, water stains visible on the walls and ceiling.

Besides this, you can analyze the condition of the furniture. If they need any repair work or retouch, then you must get it done before you start scheduling the property tours.  

4 Improving The Appliances Of The House:

Nowadays, buyers are looking for houses that support smart technologies. In simple words, you must get a burglar alarm and fire alarm installed on the property. It will not only help increase the home value but also become an important point that will grab the attention of the buyers. Besides this, you can replace the old HVAC system and old appliances in the kitchen with new energy-efficient ones. Your small efforts will show the buyers that you want the buyers to get the best. There is another benefit of supporting smart technologies in the dwelling. You can increase the asking price of the home. Installed smart appliances and technologies make the property appear modern to the buyers.

Moreover, the buyers would not have to pay any additional costs of changing the old appliances when they already have new ones. It will encourage the buyers to fix the deal and provide you with the best price for the home.  

5 Checking The Faulty Wiring:

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Wirings are spread out throughout the property. You need these electrical wiring connections for a wide range of electrical appliances, such as HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, interior/exterior lights, and various other gadgets. You must inspect all the plugs, electrical boards, and overall house wiring system. If you think that this is a daunting task, then you can take help from a professional who would help in identifying if there are any faults in the electrical wiring or not. You can get the faulty wiring fixed immediately so that it does not lead to any dangerous situation. If you are not getting the wiring inspected, you are not just making it dangerous for yourself but also for potential buyers.  

6 Renovating The Kitchen & Bathrooms:

The kitchen and bathrooms are an integral part of the house, and you cannot ignore them. After the inspection of the living area, bathrooms and kitchen are the other common rooms that have the potential to either make or break the deal. First of all, you must get your kitchen renovated. You can change the stained and dirty countertops to new, modern countertops. Along with that you can change and improve the look of the kitchen cabinet or the storage section. If you think that replacing the cabinets would be an expensive option, then you can give a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets to make them look new. If you feel that the kitchen flooring is old and boring, you can change the flooring of the kitchen area as well. Having a clean and tidy kitchen will not only encourage the buyers but also help in increasing the home value.

Once the kitchen renovation is completed, you can move ahead to improve the look of the bathroom. For every individual, an unclean and dirty bathroom is always a turnoff. Do you think your buyers will approve the offer of buying the house if they do not like the bathrooms? Certainly not! Most often it happens that while focusing on major aspects of improving the home's value, bathroom renovation slips out of mind. You can improve the look and feel of your bathroom by changing the old accessories and replacing them with new ones. For instance, you can change the bathtub, shower, and tap. You must understand that the buyers are always in search of timeless quality designs when it comes to either bathroom or kitchen. So you can either offer a complete makeover to the kitchen and bathroom or work out minor improvements that bring in a huge change. Some simple options are to introduce a new storage section or bring in trendy finishes. These would be affordable and impactful changes that will definitely attract buyers.  

7 Turn Attic, Cellars, and Basement Into Rooms:

You might be having an attic or basement or cellar in your home, which you might have converted into a storeroom. But now it is time to make the right use of these extra spaces. You can transform the unused areas into rooms by removing all the unwanted things and change them into beautiful living spaces. Having an extra room in your home will definitely help you in increasing the home value.

These are some of the most important tips that you can follow to improve the look of the dwelling and also its value. Besides these, there are various other changes that you can make to the property to improve the home value. You can change the flooring. Your flooring could be looking dull after years of usage. Due to this, the flooring might have gotten weak from inside. So you can change the flooring of the property. Along with that, you can replace the old, stained carpets and rugs. When every nook and corner of the property appears bright and beautiful, the dingy carpets would destroy the appeal of the dwelling. Hence it is always recommended to get the rugs and carpets changed before you welcome the possible buyers.

Remember that the appliances that you are replacing must be energy efficient. For instance, the HVAC system, the appliances in the kitchen or the bathroom must help to cut the energy costs. It will show that you are embracing the modern approach to renovating the property and making it suitable for the buyers.

While decorating the home, you must also focus on perfect lighting. If your potential buyers are looking forward to scheduling the property tours in the evening hours, then modern decorative lights will increase the beauty of the property. It will encourage the buyers to purchase the home.


A skilled real estate agent with lots of experience will help save you money while finding ways to increase your property's value. Always working on the first impression aspects of the property is helpful. You are simply looking for affordable ways to increase the value of your house. A clean front door should always be one of the ways to increase the feel of the house. Then adding in smart upgrades and working on opening up the space of the dwelling too will help. Finally, doing a pre-inspection on your house to address all of the maintenance items will help during the inspection. You might discover during this time you have unfinished projects that will need to be finished. While selling you do not want unfinished projects, because it can appear you could have maintenance issues that need addressing during the selling period.

For getting your home sold, you have to ensure that you are increasing the value of your home. But while doing so, you must keep a regular check on your budget. The improvements you are making in your home must not exceed your budget. Whatever renovation option you are choosing must be stylish and cost-effective. If you are exceeding your budget, you will not be able to balance out the expenses even if you are making a good profit. The things that you are replacing must be durable and prove to be a good investment for a long time. It will not just be beneficial for you in increasing the value of the home, but also for the buyers.

An additional and simple way to increase the value with a small investment would be to improve the light in and around the dwelling. You can open your blinds to allow natural light through your windows, and that shouldn't even cost you a dime. Then remember to pack things away to improve the space or the feel of space in your dwelling. Some people have a hard time seeing past things to figure out how their future will fit in a space.

Remember to finish your projects, upgrade the small and affordable things that cost a limited amount of money while selling, and think about doing a garage sale to open up space in each room and to make a little money back to upgrade those small items. Smart upgrades will help with the efficiency of the sale.

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