7 Steps to Getting Leads as a New Real Estate Agent

7 Steps to Getting Leads as a New Real Estate Agent

The real estate world is complex and technically hard to navigate! For every new and aspiring real estate agent, the initial days are quite exciting. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You are full of innovative ideas and find yourself ready to take your place and shine brightly among other real estate agents in your city. But it is not all a straight path. You will have to put your energy and soul into becoming a successful real estate agent. Sometimes, even after putting in a lot of hard work, you would find yourself in a frustrating stage. It is essential for all new real estate agents to understand that thriving in the real estate world would need you to bring in high-quality home seller leads. Just getting leads is not enough — high-quality leads will ensure that you are bringing good financial stability to the business firm and also supporting you to move ahead. After working for a month or so, you would definitely have this thought in your mind — how will I be able to get a high-quality lead when I am not having any proper experience? Will the home sellers even consider you when you are in the budding stage of your career? Why will anyone listen to you when you are not having any success stories to share or offer?

Although it is quite difficult to get that first high-quality lead, it is certainly not impossible. If you are looking for different ways to generate high-quality leads, then you have come to the right place. Through this article, we will be helping out the new and aspiring real estate agents to understand how to get high-quality leads, which will not just bring good business for your firm but also help you to gain recognition in the real estate industry.

1. You Must Work With Experienced Real Estate Agents:

The very first thing that you should do as a new real estate agent joins hands with experienced real estate agents. They have the required experience and skills to get high-quality leads. Besides, they already have a huge client base because they have been an integral part of the industry for a very long time. People (buyers and sellers) are well acquainted with them and also find it comfortable to work with them. You, as a new real estate agent, do not have any experience or client base and due to this, no one would be able to recognize you. So you can take the advantage of working with experienced real estate agents. Understand are their strategies to gain leads and how effectively they are able to convert the prospective leads into potential customers. You can even use their client base to reach out to different people and understand what they are looking for.

Working with experienced real estate agents will give you an insight into the working of the real estate world. You will also understand how to apply different strategies and how to analyze whether the lead is high quality or not. Being in the real estate world, you do not have to work hard but also work smart. You cannot waste time on leads that don’t serve you any purpose. All these things you would learn only when you are working with experienced real estate agents.

For this, you would have to list out the names of the experienced real estate agents and approach them. If they find you reliable and trustworthy, you will get a chance to work with them.

2. You Must Have Your Real Estate Website:

This is the digital era, and it is quite important for you to build a strong online presence in the real estate market. If not, you would be missing out on major things that would be essential for you to become a successful real estate agent. In the current scenario, you cannot be dependent on the traditional lead generation approach of door-to-door knocking or cold calling. Even the leads (home sellers and buyers) would not approve of it. They would not take up any such calls from random real estate agents and would certainly not consider working with them. These days, you will find your leads online. Home sellers are reaching out to the real estate property portals to sell their houses and find the right buyers. The buyers are searching for the perfect houses through online property portals. So if you do not have a strong online presence, you will lose all these leads.

Having a real estate website will help you to build a strong online presence. You can exhibit your skills, experience, and past success stories on the website so that your target audience can reach you and read everything about your track record, and get information about you. You can have a services section on the website that will specify what type of real estate service you would be providing to your clients and how effectively you would lead them through the entire process — from start to finish.

Besides all this information, you can display your innovative strategies and ideas that will help you to present yourself as a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. Although you are new in the business, the way you are approaching your high-quality leads will say a lot about you.

To bring in more prospective clients, you can provide a tool that will display the existing real estate market situation. It will help the users to know whether it is a buyer’s market or seller’s market, whether buying the house or selling the house would be a profitable deal or not.

People would come to you only when they find that you are providing something useful to them and that they can rely on you to resolve their doubts and issues.

3 Have A Blog Section On The Website:

Blogs are considered the most effective way to reach your target audience. Having a perfect blog page where you are regularly updating your content is something that will show your actual efforts. The content you are publishing on the blogs must be informative, and your readers must find it useful. When the content is helpful and the users are able to resolve their issues with that information, they will develop a high level of confidence in you. They will understand that you are a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent and would like to work with you.

Besides publishing textual content, you can publish infographics or images, which will help the users to grasp the finer points of real estate easily. You can also have a comments section or discussion forums where the regular users have a platform to share their thoughts and opinions and connect with each other.

All these things will help you in building a reputation in the real estate world even though you are a new real estate agent. You can reach out to these people and generate high-quality leads for your business.

Note: The most essential thing that you must understand is to focus on the right SEO approach. Without proper and effective SEO, you would not be able to bring traffic to your website or blog. For building a strong SEO — focus on the use of the right keywords and the use of proper URL.

4. Build Your Presence On The Social Media Platforms:

Once you have understood how to get leads from the digital presence — such as your websites and blogs, it is time that you start making use of the social media platforms to get leads. There are different social media platforms available to you which you can use.

You can make use of social media platforms to reach out to the right audience and convey your message to them. The most popular social media platform is Facebook. Besides Facebook, you can use Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to generate high-quality leads in the real estate world.

Social media platforms can be really useful when you know how to make the right use of them. So before you get started with the social media platform, make sure that you have a complete understanding of its standard and guidelines. Only then you would be able to generate high-quality leads.

Some of the ways in which you can leverage social media platforms to your advantage are outlined below:

Facebook: You can make use of Facebook to make connections with people, interact with them, help them resolve their issues, and gradually generate real estate leads. You have the opportunity to create business pages on Facebook. Here you can share the blogs, textual content — blogs articles, images, infographics, videos, and much more. These interesting things will grab the attention of your target audience and help you to exhibit your skills and talent. You will be able to convey exactly what you want. Through the chat messages, you can interact with the right people and get to understand their requirements.

Facebook also provides an opportunity to create groups. So you can create groups of like-minded people. You can directly post various real estate news, which would reach out to a large number of people in just one go. Just like the Facebook page, you can also share different types of posts and spread your message to hundreds and thousands of people.

Twitter: Twitter is a social media platform that focuses on the things that are trending in any field. So, you should first check which are the most trending hashtags that are related to the real estate world/industry and try to use them while sharing your posts. In this way, you would also be able to increase your followers. You can interact with these followers and gather what works for them.

Note: If you are making use of a Twitter account for the marketing and promotion of your real estate services, then it is crucial to make sure that you are using the right hashtags.

Instagram: Generally, real estate agents do not seem to be fond of Instagram. This is because they assume that Instagram is for sharing images only. But it is not so. You can share textual information, provide links to your website, or share infographics. So do not ignore this visually inclined social media platform and make full use of it to generate leads for your business.

LinkedIn: This is called a social media platform, but one where you would find professionals — people who take up business in a serious way. You can connect with high-profile people and use these connections to reach out to the right people (buyers as well as sellers). You have a high chance of expanding your business when you are using this platform.

5. Focus On Strong Networking In The Real Estate World:

When you are in the real estate world, it becomes essential to develop a strong network with the people around you. You cannot work alone. With the help of a strong network, you would be able to reach out to prospective clients and then generate high-quality leads. So how to develop this network, and with whom do you need to develop the network?

To develop a network, it is essential to attend business events, real estate seminars, and open houses. At these places you meet many people — some you may know already, and some might be new to you. You need to take advantage of such summits or events to advertise yourself to the people who belong to the real estate business community. You can build a rapport with attorneys, businessmen, builders, and even small/local business owners.

6. Work With The Expired Listing:

When you are new in the real estate industry, you would have to face a lot of competition. So choose something where you would find less or no competition — an expired listing. Most often, the real estate agents do not find it profitable to deal with expired listings; hence, there is no competition. Expired listings are the houses that have been on the property portals for a long period and are not getting any buyers. Here you can show your skills to convince the home sellers to work with you. Explain your innovative strategies to reach out to the right people and negotiate with them to get the house sold.

7. Make Use of The Features Provided By Online Portals:

There are many property portals that claim to offer high-quality lead generation to real estate agents. But not every portal is reliable. One of the best websites that provide high-quality leads to real estate agents is Dorrmat®. All you have to do is to register yourself with all your details. Based on these details, the website will connect you with home sellers. You have to use your expertise to convert them into prospective clients.


Being a real estate agent is not easy — you need to put in a lot of hard work and smart work to become successful. Whenever you are up against any challenges, remind yourself why you chose this field. How helping people achieve their life-long ambition of owning a home helps you attain satisfaction. Embrace these steps so that you are able to achieve all that you aspire.

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