7 Steps to Getting Home Seller Leads as a New Real Estate Agent

7 Steps to Getting Home Seller Leads as a New Real Estate Agent

So you have successfully landed yourself in the real estate industry that you have been aspiring for a long time. You are a new qualified real estate agent and you might be super excited about everything. But to stay strong in the business and improve your career path, you need to generate home seller leads. It can be extremely challenging as you are new to the industry. You would require time to understand the real estate market changes/fluctuations, how the experts work with relevant people, how to gain good experience, and how to get good clients. You would be bombarded with a lot of information and you might find it difficult to imbibe everything in just one go.

In such scenarios, generating home seller leads would be very complicated. Generating the leads requires efforts in the right direction. So to simplify your task, here are some amazing 7 steps. Follow them and you would be able to generate home seller leads easily.

1: You Must Understand The Actual Source Of The Best Seller Leads:

This is the first and foremost thing that you must understand about being a real estate agent. The seller leads that are received should be generated through the efforts you put in and not the lead that you buy from the paid home seller lead sources. When you generate the seller leads, you need to be sure about their authenticity and that they could be converted into potential customers. The leads that you add to your customer base comes from the meaningful relationship that you have developed with the people.

2 While Generating Leads You Must Start With The People You Know:

When you are new in the real estate industry, just don’t go out to find random seller leads. They wouldn't be wanting to work with you. The home seller would think that you are naïve and do not have the experience to handle big projects or real estate deals. So it is better to reach out to the people you already have a good rapport with. You can get in touch with your relatives, friends, colleagues, and family and let them know you are beginning a new career as a real estate agent. Your family and friends around you trust you and would love to work with you. They might also provide referrals to the people who are in their contact and are planning to sell their home. If the people apart from your friends and family (like referrals) have accepted to work with you, so you must give your best by explaining how you will handle the entire process. It will build trust and make the relationship stronger. All this will take time, so don’t be impatient and go with the flow. You must always be patient with your “pre-real estate” relationships.

3 Start Meeting New People:

Once you have started building a good rapport with the referral, friends, family, and kick-started your business, it's time you widen your circle. You can expand your network by meeting new people. You must not limit yourself to phone calls and messages, but also meet people face to face. Where will you find new people?

  • You can attend a social gathering and business events:
  • You can volunteer yourself in various non-profit events where you can expect to meet high profile people
  • You can enroll yourself in various MeetUp Groups
  • Get a membership in the gym

In this way, you can let people know that you are a well qualified real estate agent and improve the network. Only after multiple meetings, people will start to show trust and genuine interest in you.

4 You Must Keep Adding New Contact To The CRM - Customer Relationship Management System:

Well, CRM is a tool that helps real estate agents to store information regarding their customers. Having a CRM will help in maintaining a good relationship, even with past clients. You can check out whether a follow up would be needed when was the last time you contacted, when did you send them a newsletter or a greeting. It is useful in keeping track of all the referrals you have received from your existing clients. CRM can be used for storing information of every person you come across and feel that they could be converted into potential home seller leads.

5 Focus On Strengthening Relationships:

When you have got a CRM, you must ensure that you are making the right use of it. CRM can be used to build as well as strengthen relationships. To strengthen the relationship, you should make regular phone calls and also meet the prospective home sellers from time to time. You can nurture your existing and past contacts through content marketing. You should share valuable content like blogs, videos, and newsletters with the contact that will help in demonstrating your expertise.

6 Once Everything IS Sorted Focus On The Building Your Process:

When you are sure that your lead generation strategy is in place, you should start gradually transforming it into the process. The process refers to the series of activities that are performed exactly the same over and over again. At this stage, you have developed a good rapport with a lot of people. You have their contact and you are in their touch for a long time. Now is the time to convert those seller leads into potential customers. You can set up a meeting that will completely be based on how you place to get them the right buyers and close the deal. It will help the home sellers know that you are serious about the work.

7 Getting The Right Buyers And Closing The Deal:

Well, suppose you meet 10 home seller leads, it is not necessary that you would be able to convert all the 10 into your potential customers. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that you are a new real estate agent. So even if you were able to convert 4 to 5 out of 10, it would be a great achievement. Start with the listing process, showings, getting the documents ready, finding the right buyers, negotiations, and finally closing the deal. When you complete the entire process smoothly, it will increase their trust in you and would love to work with you again.


These were the most important 7 steps that every new real estate agent must follow in order to get on the right track. If you are not maintaining the flow, your approach in the industry would be directionless. You won’t be able to generate leads and lag behind in this competitive industry.

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