7 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas For 2021

7 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas For 2021

The real estate world is a complex business sector where every single real estate agent is aspiring to become a successful agent. But not everyone is able to beat the competition and stand out from the crowd. In order to be ahead of the competition, you need to focus on formulating the right lead generation strategies or ideas that would be unique and innovative. No doubt, some ideas may sound repetitive, but the way you implement them will make a huge difference. The year 2021 will bring in a new set of challenges as well as opportunities for all real estate agents. Have you given a thought to lead generation strategies, which will help you bring in more clients and increase your sales this year? Not sure about it? Don’t worry. We have some amazing lead generation ideas that will not only help you in generating new home seller leads but also in retaining the old ones. All you have to do is to follow the strategies religiously to become a successful real estate agent.

1 Stay In Touch With Your Past Clients:

You might be thinking that once you have successfully closed the deal, everything is complete. You can ask for a referral and move on. But here is where you are going wrong. You must understand that your past clients are potential clients. If you are in constant contact with them, the old clients will definitely come back to you for their future work. When they are happy and satisfied with your work again, you can definitely get a new set of referrals.

2 Get Referral from Your Friends, Family, And Relatives:

No doubt every real estate agent would be looking forward to generating home seller leads by getting referrals from their friends, family, and relatives. But for that, you need to have a perfect rewarding system in place. Not every person you meet would be directly interested in providing you referrals. But if you give out some discounted services or free goodies, they would feel motivated and bring in high-quality home seller leads.

3 Make Right Use Of Social Media Platforms:

Social media is something you must not ignore as a real estate agent. You can gain a lot of home seller leads through such platforms. But you must know how to reap the benefits provided by social media platforms. You can create Facebook pages, and share all the details of your past work. Or you can easily create Facebook groups for like-minded people who belong to the real estate world. Through these pages and groups, you can spread your informative content to a large number of people.

Besides Facebook, you can use Twitter to follow up with new things in the real estate market, understand what the home sellers are looking for, and get in touch with them.

Don’t Leave Out Linkedin: Linkedin is a professional online platform where you can meet your target audience, get in touch with them, build a strong network with high-profile people, and generate home seller leads.

4 You Must Have A Personal Website/Business Website:

In the digital era, if your business does not have a real estate website, you would be lagging behind. It is mandatory to have an online presence to reach out to prospective home sellers that are only available through the internet. These days even home sellers are looking forward to digital platforms and are not interested in door knocking or cold calling systems. These are old school tactics that do not work in modern times.

Having a website, you can showcase your achievement or your business achievements along with real estate services. It is convenient for the users to check out the website and directly get in touch with you. Moreover, you can show yourself and the business as the most reliable and trustworthy among others.

5 Dynamic Blog Content - Reap The Benefits Of Content Marketing:

You can have a separate blog website or an integrated blog page in an already existing real estate website. Through informative and engaging blogs, you can attract the target audience and even convert them into your prospective clients. In the blog content, you can make use of charts and infographics which will enhance the look and feel of the content. When you have data to support your vision or ideas, you will come across as well informed about the real estate business. People coming to your website would find you reliable and trustworthy.

6 Don’t Miss Out On Email Marketing Campaign:

You might be wondering that email marketing is pretty common, and every other real estate agent must be doing it. What’s new in that? What you need to understand is that you do not have to send a generic newsletter or a customized template to your leads. This is what generally real estate agents do. You need to stand apart from the crowd. For that, you must plan out a perfect email marketing strategy — segregate the leads on the basis of their demographic, interests, motivated sellers, etc. Then you must design specific campaigns that will cater to different sub-groups of the home seller leads. In this way, you would be sending out relevant messages and information to the leads. They will feel that you are concerned about their requirements and would look forward to working with you.

7 Have You Tried Real Estate Online Platforms?

In the digital era, it is quite common to come across various real estate websites that claim to provide you with high-quality home seller leads.But not every site provides what it claims. So you must refer to only those real estate platforms that are reliable, trustworthy, and also result-oriented. One such website is Dorrmat. Real estate agents simply have to fill in all the correct information based on the qualification, license, experience, past clients, etc. The platform will help you to generate high-quality home seller leads, and convert them into potential customers and bring in business sales.


These are the most essential factors, which will be helpful to you in moving ahead in your career and also growing your real estate business.

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