5 Ways to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate

If you can’t generate leads in real estate, you’re going to struggle to make a career out of it. Leads are the lifeline for any real estate agent, and usually the more leads, the better. Not all leads turn into clients and transactions, so it’s important to continue leveraging ways togenerate real estate leadsfor ongoing success.

Start with these five effective ways to generate real estate leads and maximize your ROI:

1. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

When it comes to real estate searches, Google is king. The majority of searches for agents or homes for sale begin online these days, so it makes sense to optimize your online presence. One easy way to do this is to claim and maximize your Google My Business listing. It’s free, and it provides a gateway to your website or allows clients to get in touch with you on the spot.

Once you claim your listing and fill out the information, go back through and optimize it for your local market. Add keywords in the description to help you rank higher in search. Work on getting reviews from past clients that will make you look authoritative. Include photos of your agency’s office and the local area you serve. Make sure all the key details are filled in so prospects can learn more about you.

2. Hold a Free Community Event sellers like to partner with an agent because they can benefit from their expertise. A great way to flex your knowledge of real estate in your area is to hold an informational event in your community.

Pick a specific topic that’s most likely to turn leads into clients, such as “How to Sell Your Home Quickly in a Slow Market.” This ensures you’re targeting people interested in selling and gives you a chance to provide them with real value. You can even go a step further and hypertarget specific neighborhoods for your event.

3. Publish a Neighborhood Market Report

Speaking of targeting specific neighborhoods, another effective way to grow your authority is by providing critical information about the local housing market. You can do some research on neighborhood home values, mortgage rates, growth, and other details and provide each homeowner with a copy of your report. If getting seller leads is your goal, make sure you include a call to action to use you as their real estate agent when they’re ready to sell.

4. Ask for Referrals

Referrals are almost a no-brainer, yet many agents often overlook them. Don’t be afraid to ask previous clients if they can refer others to you. Good real estate is relationship-based, and chances are your clients will remember all the hard work you put into their transaction. Even if they don’t know anyone who is looking to sell right now, that doesn’t mean they never will. Keep in touch with them so you’ll be first on their mind when the opportunity arises.

5. Claim Your Dorrmat Listing

Dorrmat is designed to help agents get more seller leads. We do this by making you look like the local authority on all things real estate and putting you into the role of consultant, not just agent. The platform connects you to people who are actively looking to sell and helps you maintain top of mind awareness.

Space is limited to help you compete in your market, so don’t delay — claim your Dorrmat website to start to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate right now!

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