5 Ideas On How To Stay In Front Of Your Real Estate Clients

Being a real estate professional you would definitely want to grow your business, get several leads that turn into potential customers. In all this, effective and efficient marketing strategies play a vital role. Most importantly, it assists in grabbing the attention of the target customers. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association Of Realtors reported that around 80 to 82% of the authorized real estate agents were able to generate high-quality seller leads by grabbing their attention through real estate experience. It also means that real estate agents have made full use of the various marketing strategies that work in the real estate industry and that they have made full use of the various marketing strategies that work in the real estate industry.

  • Embrace Email Marketing To Deliver News That Your Clients Can Use Or Find It Relevant.
  • Try to offer an unusual gift (something to remember you)
  • You can send memorable and personal cards (don’t blend into the crowd)
  • You must give them a call for future business prospects and not annoy (yes, pick up the phone)
  • You can conduct a small online survey (show them you care)

Employ Effective Email Marketing

It is considered as one of the most effective strategies that help the real estate agents to be in constant touch with their clients. You have done all the hard work of connecting the sellers, converting them into potential customers, and servicing them. But the point that sometimes you might miss out is - “Staying in touch”. Being in touch with your previous clients is essential so that they do not hire someone else for their next project in the future. Through email marketing, you can send out personalized emails that are designed to cater to the needs and demands of your clients.

Pro Tip: You must ensure that you are not sending generalized emails to all your clients. You might lose out on your clients easily.

Calling Your Clients

Well, here you must not consider it to be similar to cold calling. Cold calling without any specific reason is just a waste of time as well as sellers feel very annoying. But when you call your clients for introducing new features or provide them some benefits of continued services, they would definitely like it.

You Can Offer An Unusual Gift That Would Help Them Remember You

Generally after completing the deal it becomes difficult to be in touch. So as a real estate agent, you can gift them a personalized gift such as calendars, wall clock, diary, or any other professional thing with a company logo. So whenever they look at these things, they would remember you. You can even provide your address, email id, and contact number imprinted on the gifts.

You Can Send Out Memorable And Greeting Cards

Usually, all the information of your clients is stored in the CRM (also their personal details). You can make use of this information and send out some amazing memorable or greeting cards wishing them birthday or anniversaries.

Pro Tip: Always ensure that you are sending out all the things with the proper logo and your details. It will help them to contact you for the next deal in the future. It is also possible that they might refer you to their friends or relatives.

You Can Connect With Them Through Online Survey

Surveys, help you to know what your clients think about your services. The feedback you receive helps you in improving all the aspects where you are going wrong. Besides that, your clients will feel that their opinions are valued.


These are some of the best ideas that help you to stay in front of your real estate clients and make them feel valued. All these activities will make them feel specific and the next time, they would not think of anybody else and would prefer to work with you. Not only this, but they would also recommend you to their close friends or relatives who are in need of real estate deals. So just start employing these ideas to see the desired results in your business or career as a real estate agent.

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