4 Tips on How to Find Real Estate Leads

Tired of cold calling and door knocking? Many agents swear that these two tried-and-true techniques work, and for the most part, they do. But they’re exhausting and time-consuming, not to mention that you could put hours of work into it with nothing to show. If you want to learn how to find real estate leads at scale, put the following tips into motion:

1. Double Down on Your Digital Footprint

A strong digital presence is key in modern real estate lead gen. The majority of searches for homes begin online, and many would-be home sellers will scout an agency’s reputation online prior to listing with them.

How you appear online can be one of your single best marketing tools. Focus on getting good online reviews and recommendations. Optimize your website for search engines. Create blog content that will help you rank higher. Promote yourself on social media and share the content you create to build your authority. A digital presence can help you market yourself 24/7 and show others why you’re the best choice for the job.

2. Create Community-Focused Content

Adding community pages to your website (or even creating a stand-alone community website!) can be an excellent resource for newcomers considering moving to your area. Content can focus on anything from local businesses and industries to schools to neighborhoods and more.

Buyers who are considering relocating often research areas online, so a community page or website will be a great addition to their search. What’s more, you can put your agency front and center so they know who to contact when they’re ready to start house hunting.

3. Brand Yourself

Sometimes, the simplest ideas of how to find real estate leads are also the most impactful. Age-old techniques like name tags and branded gear are often overlooked in favor of new tactics, but keep in mind that good branding will always be in style.

Many agents wear name tags every time they go out in public because they know other people notice. Name tags essentially telling everyone you see that you’re in real estate, and many may stop to speak with you about real estate. It’s a great opportunity to pass out your card, get their information, and follow up with them.

Branded clothing like shirts or jackets can also help you promote yourself when you’re out and about. Some agents have even gone so far as to get matching gear for their dogs to wear when they go out for walks!

4. Build Local Authority

When you have a strong presence in your community, your “celebrity status” can go a long way in helping you secure real estate leads. Focus on growing your presence and becoming the resident expert on all things real estate near you.

One way to do this is through Dorrmat’s unique platform. Dorrmat® empowers agents by helping them take a consultative approach to selling and buying homes. With a focus on generating seller leads, the platform puts you in front of captive audiences that are ready to make a move.

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