4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Generate Leads for Real Estate

4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Generate Leads for Real Estate

You’ve spent more money on ads and billboards than you care to admit. You’ve attended every open house in your area. You go to professional development classes and listen to podcasts, and you’re still struggling to generate leads for real estate.

Could it be that you’re trying too hard? Getting real estate leads can be tough, especially for new agents. The problem is that many agents spend so much time trying to think outside the box that they forget that what’s inside the box still works. If you’re trying to generate leads for real estate, consider going back to the basics.

Let’s look at some of the simplest yet most effective ways to do this:

1. Get out and talk to people.

Agents are increasingly interested in passive ways to generate leads for real estate, but there’s truly no substitute for knowing how to talk to people. In our digital era, this seems to have become a lost art.

Real estate agents don’t thrive when they’re hiding behind computer screens. The best practice is to get on the ground and in front of people. It’s all about building a network and fostering relationships. Make it a point to get out and meet new people every week so they can start putting your face and name with what you do. From there, it’s a matter of staying in touch and fostering trust.

2. Send handwritten notes.

The power of a handwritten note is greater than you might realize. Another lost art, a digital email is just no substitute for taking the time to write a message and mail it to someone. It shows you put more time and effort into it. It also gives you the opportunity to ask for leads without getting lost in the inbox.

Send handwritten notes for any occasion, from following up after a meeting to saying Thank You.

3. Ask people you know for leads.

You’ve probably already asked your closest friends and family members if they know of anyone who needs to buy or sell a house. Ask them again.

A good network is like jet fuel for your business. And no one knows you better than your own friends and family. They can help to send people in your direction by giving you good reviews online, passing out business cards, or simply telling people about you. Sometimes, getting referrals means asking the same person more than once. You never know what’s changed since the last time you asked.

4. Build your local authority.

One of the greatest marketing tools for any top producing real estate agent is their name. Once you’ve built a solid network and have earned the trust of your community, your name can help you generate leads for real estate without really trying.

To build local authority, Dorrmat® is helping agents take on more of a consulting role for homeowners. Sellers who want to work with an agent can benefit from your expertise, and Dorrmat® helps to keep you top of mind throughout the process. By highlighting your experience in the industry, leads can learn more about you and feel comfortable working with you knowing you’ve got their best interests in mind.

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