3 Best Ways to Get Seller Leads in Real Estate

Knowing the best ways to get seller leads in real estate can do wonders for your business, not to mention your reputation. When sellers reach out to you, they’re on the move to find the right real estate agent to get their property sold soon. Your job is to play matchmaker and help them find one of the best ways to sell their property.

In a strong sellers’ market you want listings, and you want all of the selling and buying options available for your sellers especially if they are needing to buy another home.

It’s not always easy to separate good leads from the bad ones. But these four best ways to get seller leaders in real estate can help you on your journey to quality leads.

1. Ask for Referrals

Referrals are every real estate agent’s best friend. In a perfect world, every buyer or seller you work with will send you referrals with no work required on your part. But let’s be honest: most referrals don’t just happen.

Studies show that 87% of customers will be happy to send business your way, but you have to put it on their radar. The best way to get referrals is simply to ask for them. Make it a practice to ask your customers if they know anyone who could use a good real estate agent. They might not at the moment, but when the opportunity arises, they’ll know who to refer.

2. Stay in contact with your past buyers and SOI

Setup an autopilot system to stay front of mind of your past clients with scheduled times to call them, uploading them into Facebook to retarget them, add them to a company like for birthdays, anniversaries, home anniversaries to see cash offers and home value on their property, and of course some in person events. In person events can almost cover all of these as you invite them by postcard and SMS, you put in on Facebook and other platforms, and you call them to see if they are coming, then you repeat this to remind them aka save the date. Then you see them and then you send them a postcard thanking them for coming, call them to thank them, etc.

3. Create Home Seller-Specific Campaigns

It’s no secret that tailored marketing is more effective. This allows you to narrow your focus on a specific audience and create a message just for them. If you want more seller leads, the homeowners should be the focus of your campaigns. You can do this with direct mail, Facebook ads, Google ads, blog posts, or any number of marketing channels. Discover the Best Ways to Get Seller Leaders in Real Estate with Dorrmat! When it comes to online lead gen, Dorrmat has you covered. Our platform offers one of the best ways to get seller leads in real estate. The platform offers a place for you the agent to meet sellers, buyers, and vendors. You are the center of the transaction or the hub. Everything will flow into you. However, you should be the one too getting in front of cash buyers, sellers, and vendors to add them to your platform. This will create a biosphere where you all help each other. Once you get your Dorrmat Seller Website you should create a Facebook business page for it, twitter account, Instagram, and a YouTube account. Then daily add new content to all platforms guiding traffic to your seller website. Over time you will eventually root in and claim your area just off of smart and hard work.

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