15 Ways To Generate Real Estate Seller Leads In 2022

15 Ways To Generate Real Estate Seller Leads In 2022

With the new year 2022 ushering in a lot of growth and enhanced business prospects in the real estate industry, most real estate agents need to excel in what they have planned for the year ahead. To become a successful real estate agent, the first requirement is to enhance your real estate lead generation tactics. This year, it is time to discard all the old-school methods of gathering leads and adopt some advanced strategies. You do not have to rely on cold calling, door-to-door knocking, or any of the offline tactics.

You can gain fruitful real estate marketing techniques that are not just functional but help you get high-quality seller leads. These 15 methods to generate real estate seller leads will build a strong client case that you can use for yourself and your real estate organization.

1. Focus On Building A Strong Network

The first thing that you need to establish for generating seller leads is a strong network. So what are the steps that you can take to build a strong network? The following are some key strategies to build and widen your sphere of influence.

Attend Wide Range Of Business Event

When you attend business events, the chances of meeting prospective clients increase. If not, you always have the benefits of building connections with high-profile people related to the real estate world. You get to build professional connections with businessmen interested in real estate investing, lawyers, mortgage lenders, and many others. They all can become a good source to lead you to prospective sellers.

Have A Strong Profile On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals who want to build great connections in the virtual world. You can select professionals from the related businesses and connect with them. You boost your chances of getting more listings by building relevant connections.

Arrange Open Houses

When you organize open house events, you can get the contact (phone number and email id) of the people who attend the event. There would be people from different backgrounds — qualified buyers, homeowners who are planning to list, and even curious neighbors. This is an effective way not just to get buyer leads but also to generate seller leads.

For being successful, building a strong network is the very first step. Be meticulous while organizing these networking events and move ahead.

2. Real Estate Agents Should Get Real Estate Leads Referrals From Past Clients & Personal Network

When you have worked in this industry for a while, you already have a good client base. There is a need to utilize this client base and get referrals from them. When you get referrals from your past clients, you can expect them to be high quality. Your previous clients are aware of the services you provide and can help you find new clients from within their social circle.

Besides your previous clients, you can reach out to the people in your network to provide you with referrals. Your family and friends are a vital source for you to tap into for new leads.

What If You Are Beginning Your Career As A Real Estate Agent?

If you are starting your career, this question is on your mind. Because when you do not have a client base or network to consult, how will you get leads? In such a situation, you can take help from experienced colleagues and start with the leads they provide you. In this way, you will gain experience and have better opportunities to capture leads.

Apart from leads from your brokerage, as a seller's agent, these are the steps you can take

3. Be A Market Leader By Building An Official Real Estate Business Website

When you are in the digital space, having an official website is a must. When you have a website, you can showcase all the information regarding yourself, your qualifications, your career, and your success stories. You can display the services you are offering to your clients as a realtor. There are various aspects that you can showcase on your website.

Display The Textual And Video Testimonials

You have an opportunity to post the video testimonial along with the ratings from your previous clients. In this way, you can build trust in the minds of visitors who are coming to your website. If they find you trustworthy, it becomes easy for you to convince them. Having a website and modifying it to enhance your seller leads is the most interesting real estate lead generation tactic.

Don't Forget To Employ The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Parameters

Many real estate agents will have a website but do not focus on the SEO factors. It is not adequate to build a website and leave it. SEO functionalities help to increase your visibility on the Google SERP. If the site does not have effective visibility on the search engines, it would be difficult to get web traffic. In simple terms — less volume of traffic results in fewer real estate leads.

4. Utilize The Benefits Offered By Social Media Platforms

Social media channels provide an array of marketing features — all you have to do is take a few simple steps to reap the benefits offered by these platforms. There are many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where you can use your marketing strategies to generate real estate leads.

Facebook: Facebook is a platform where you can create a business page, post useful content on it, and share it with like-minded people. Apart from this, you have the option to create groups that will help you build a community. Through the Facebook business page or communities, you can get in touch with the potential real estate seller or buyer.

Twitter: Through this social media platform, you can increase your followers and share informative content for people to read. Like-minded people can follow you back and be in touch whenever possible.

Social media channels provide an array of marketing features — all you have to do is to reap the benefits offered by these platforms. There are many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where you can use your marketing strategies to generate real estate leads.

Instagram: This platform has recently become popular when people started recognizing the features offered by it. You can share informative content, visuals, and videos based on the real estate organization. It is an effective way to increase followers and generate more leads.

5. Search Engine Ads And Social Media Ads

Most realtors find this marketing strategy quite helpful in generating leads. The advertisement can be of different types. You can either choose Google or any social media channel for displaying real estate ads.

Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn Ads

Many social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are providing ways to display ads. You can use textual ads or visual ads to drive traffic to your website or any landing pages. You can choose your audience based on the factors like demographics, psychographic, and many others.

Google Ads

Google Ads helps you to post ads on Google (search engine) in textual or visual ads. You have to use the right keywords, descriptions, and images. The ads will help you to get the attention of your target audience.

Social media marketing is a way to get your real estate business a social media presence that can improve potential buyers and sellers.

6. Invest In Lead Generation Software

A simple lead generation way is to know the application of the high-tech software that helps the real estate professional to generate potential leads. The software has advanced features that assist you in gaining organic seller leads and various other things. You have a platform to nurture the seller leads and also keep them organized. You can save a lot of time that goes into formulating lead generation strategies, keeping the backup of the data, and growing the business. There is a huge range of software available that lead generation companies have embraced to enhance their lead generation strategy and generate seller leads.

7. Boost Lead Generation Through FSBO Listings

When you strategize to find new real estate leads, include the FSBO listings. FSBOs are the "For Sale By Owner" listings. These are owners who plan to sell houses on their own. They do not need real estate professionals to help them. This technique does works, but not always. When it comes to selling properties, there are many factors that need to be considered. If the owners make a slight mistake in following the right procedure, then the properties do not get buyers. Sometimes, it is essential to understand the current market condition before listing the property for sale. Agents can help sell such FSBO listings and convert them into potential clients.

8. Real Estate Lead Generation Through Expired Listings

Another effective way of capturing leads is to use expired listings. Being a real estate agent, you are aware of the expired listings. Most often, you can observe that the experts do not show any interest in the expired listings. It is a misconception that working on expired listings is a waste of time and nothing else. If you want to generate leads, then an expired listing is an effective way. You need to make a list of such listings, meet the property owners and convince them that you can get their properties sold within a short period. Try to reach out to homeowners with listings that have expired around a month or over that.

9. Professional Referrals

As real estate professionals, you can get referrals from other professionals within your field. An agent needs to build a rapport with lawyers, mortgage lenders, loan officers, teachers, financial advisers, and many others. You can ask them to provide you with details of the prospective sellers in return for some small incentives. Create a proper script and schedule such requests regularly.

10. Join A Real Estate Team

Whether you are an experienced agent or a beginner, joining a real estate team is an effective way to produce leads and convert prospective clients into customers. In the team, you can get in touch with agents who have a client base in different regions. They can provide you with referrals that help you generate buyer leads or seller leads. This also gives new agents the to observe and learn from other realtors and enhance their skills in selling houses and conducting business.

11. Real Estate Lead Generation Through Real Estate Blog Page

You can have a separate webpage that is completely dedicated to the blogs. The content you publish on your website will help you gain readers. The regular posting of the content will show that you are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in this field. You can share content that helps the sellers and buyers to resolve their issues. You can also share information based on the current market to keep the readers updated. When people find you authentic, you have the opportunity to work with them in a hassle-free way.

12. Sign Up And Benefit From Real Estate Lead Generation Portals

You might have come across a lot of real estate websites that claim to offer a hassle-free way to capture seller leads. But be careful while choosing a platform, as not everyone provides you with all the essential features to gather leads. Dorrmat is one such platform that offers real estate agents a way to get hold of high-quality real estate leads. Along with simple registration, you have to add your qualification details, past records, and experience. Based on the data, you get a list of prospective sellers.

The USP of the Arizona-based Dorrmat is that it was built by the agents for the agents. This gives Dorrmat a massive advantage over their similar portals and is one of the reasons for its growing popularity.

13. Focus On Email Marketing

In the digital era, email marketing is an effective way to capture high-quality buyer and seller leads. If you want to have a successful real estate business, then send out a newsletter to be on top of your client's mind. You can provide information to the client about various aspects such as business progress, discounts, new offers, and more through these newsletters.

14. Focus On How Real Estate Farming Works

Real estate farming is a technique using which an agent targets a specific geographical area for generating real estate leads. This is more of a long-term methodology to garner leads. In this, a realtor builds and develops a long-term relationship with future clients through all the other mentioned methods. Therefore, when the clients eventually decide to sell their home, you are the only realtor that they can think of due to the relationship that they share with you.

15. Use Customer Relationship Manager Tools

These tools are referred to as CRM. They provide you a way to store the data of your past, current and prospective clients. The CRMs systems help them to maintain the information of the clients and customers. Most agents use a wide range of CRM to be in touch with their prospective new leads. CRM tools are also helpful in improving the functionality of the sales process. By investing in one, you would be able to target and convert exclusive leads.


You can consider the above-explained tips as a part of your comprehensive marketing strategy that can be used to capture high-quality seller leads. Usually, it requires a lot of lead generation efforts to capture the real estate seller leads and convert them into potential customers. These 15 ways will help you to diversify your marketing techniques and build a strong client base. You can mix and match the techniques that suit you the best in gaining the leads.

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