15 Trusted Ways to Generate Home Seller Leads in Real Estate

15 Trusted Ways to Generate Home Seller Leads in Real Estate

If you want your real estate business to thrive in the competitive market, then you need to generate high-quality seller leads. No matter how many skills you possess as a real estate agent, if you do not have skills to generate seller leads - you will have to face a downfall. When you have numerous high-quality leads, you can easily convert them into your potential customers and help them in closing the deal. Do you know what are the other benefits of working with real estate seller leads?

Well, some of the most important advantages of working with seller leads is that

  1. You can have more control over how to use your time efficiently
  2. You can easily consult different clients in the time that you save.
  3. You can get the opportunity to work out the deal with proper understanding and information

But to reap the benefits provided by seller leads, you need to generate them. Here are the most important and trusted ways in which real estate agents can generate seller leads.

1 You Must Build A Strong Referral System:

In the real estate business, it is essential for an agent to have a strong referral system. It helps in representing a great opportunity for the real estate business. It was revealed in a report by the National Association Of Realtors that almost 43% of the buyers and 62% of the sellers worked with real estate agents who were referred to them by their friends, relatives, and colleagues. Therefore, building a referral system would prove to be a reliable source when it comes to generating seller leads. Moreover, you do not have to invest anything. You just have to maintain a good rapport with past clients, relatives, and friends, etc.

2 Build Effective Partnership With The High Profile People Related To Real Estate Business:

Networking is quite important for the real estate agent if they want to gain seller leads. A real estate agent must have alliances with real estate attorneys, housing loan provides, banks, insurance companies, and house stagers. They are a reliable source that can get you linked to the home sellers. Homeowners often take the help of these high-profile people throughout the house selling process.

3 Join Hands With Local Business That Are Related To Real Estate Businesses:

In the past, you understood how networking with real estate attorneys, banks, and insurance companies can help you generate seller leads. Similarly, the local businesses such as cleaning staff, landscapers, and title companies can lead you through the sellers. Moreover, you can get the links of the home sellers who recently asked for such local services.

4 Have A Real Estate Website:

Being in the digital era, you must have a business website. With the help of a website, you can display the services provided by you. You might be wondering how to generate seller leads through the website? Well, when you have huge traffic coming to your website, you can convert them into your potential customers.

To attract the target audience to your website, you must focus on optimizing the website to rank higher in Google SERP - Search Engine Result Pages. How?

  • You should have a user-friendly web design in order to allow leads to navigate smoothly
  • The content present on the website must be informative and valuable.
  • Focus on building an online community of visitors by engaging them.
  • Make use of the right keywords that help you in appearing in Google’s SERP

5 You Must Focus On Having Blogs Based On Real Estate Business:

When you are making use of blogs, don’t just use it to sell yourself or advertise your qualities but also provide valuable information to the readers. When they are able to make use of the information provided by you to solve their problems, their perspective would change. They will find you and your services reliable and trustworthy. They would love to work with an intelligent real estate agent who has knowledge of the real estate market trends.

6 Make Right Use Of Online Portals:

On the internet, you might come across various real estate websites that offer real estate agents to generate leads by embracing smart ways. One such website is Dorrmat. They have a team of experienced and trusted real estate agents who can help to get high-quality seller leads for yourself. You just have to register with the website by providing all the details (personal/ professional information). With the help of the information provided by you, they will link you with high-quality seller leads.

7 As A Real Estate Agent You Should Have A Cloud-Based CRM:

When you are in the real estate business, you need to generate high-quality seller leads in different ways. It might become tedious to manage all the contact and keep up with all the clients simultaneously. So you can make use of cloud-based CRM. It will act as a centralized database where you can store all the information related to the clients and refer them whenever needed. It is a platform that provides you a single, unified system on which to manage all of your contact information, as well as any other information that goes along with it.

8 You Can Start Email Marketing Campaigns:

Email marketing is considered one of the best sellers lead generation techniques. It is due to marketing automation. In this way, you can make efficient use of your energy, time, and money. With the help of automated email campaigns, you can make it feasible to divide them into segments based on where they are in the sales funnel. Moreover, you can send them targeted emails that fit their needs. In this way, you could easily generate seller leads.

9 Make Use Of Video Marketing:

These days marketing has taken a new leap. Videos are something that everyone likes. It is the most convenient way to gain seller leads. You can make use of videos for marketing or providing valuable information. There are many things that you can do with videos for instance:

  • Client interviews
  • Q&A live stream
  • How-to and general information videos
  • Agent profiles
  • Yearly reviews
  • Videos of local community events

10 You Can Run Ad Campaign On Google:

Google is considered the most trusted search engine. In order to generate high-quality leads, you can run an ad campaign. You can add an appropriate description, making use of the right keywords and images. This will attract the target audience to your website.

11 Generate Seller Leads Through Facebook:

Facebook is an online social media platform that is used by millions of people. You can create a Facebook page dedicated to the real estate business. On this page, you can promote your blogs and videos and other valuable content which helps in advertising your expertise. Moreover, you can publish your past client reviews and testimonials which could be viewed by everyone. Through this platform, you can easily target your audience and start a conversation with the sellers who show an interest in your work. You can not only generate seller leads but also convert them into potential clients.

12 Leverage The Services Offered By LinkedIn:

It is a professional platform where you can form strong connections with your past clients, colleagues, attorneys, and other professional people. When you have strong contact with such people, they can easily link you with home sellers and help you in generating seller leads.

13 Create Groups On Social Media Platforms And Make Use Of It In the Right Way:

You can easily create groups on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn or join the already existing groups that are related to the housing market or real estate business. These groups are specifically designed to promote engagement between your members. These groups would be helpful when you wish to post insightful content and creative conversation starters. It will act as a perfect platform where you can speak to followers who have an interest in your business, so are much more likely to interact with your posts.

Some Other Trusted Ways In Which You Can Generate Seller Leads:

14 Attend Business Events And Social Gatherings:

At such places, you meet people face to face. You can easily introduce yourself as a real estate agent and build contact with the people who are looking forward to working with you. Moreover, you can build a rapport with other real estate agents, lawyers, and attorneys who can link you with high-quality seller leads.

15 Make Use Of Expired Listing:

You must learn not to ignore the expired listings and make use of it in the right way. You can generate sellers leads through the expired listings. The homeowners are already in a frustrated state and you providing a helping hand would be a great thing. You must understand the reasons why it is taking so long to sell the property and then take action in the right direction. Moreover, you can share your game plan on how you’ll do things differently to sell their home fast.


These are some of the best and trusted ways in which you can generate seller leads. When you have high quality leads you can make sure that your business would be climbing the stairs of success. After generating leads, you must employ strategies to convert those leads into potential customers.

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