15 Home Seller Lead Generation Ideas: New & Super-Effective

15 Home Seller Lead Generation Ideas: New & Super-Effective

Being a real estate agent, you need to focus on generating high-quality home seller leads to stay in business. If you are not proactive enough then you would have to face a downfall in the highly competitive real estate market. So you must have different sources or strategies that you can employ to generate home seller leads. But this does not mean you would start cold calling the home sellers in your area and nearby or just consult them by knocking door to door. These are all old tactics. In the modern era, you need some new strategies and ideas for leads generation. So let’s begin!

1 You Can Create Facebook Ads To Generate Seller Leads:

Most real estate agents understand that they need to step out of the comfort box and be proactive to generate seller leads. Moreover, they are aware of the fact that in order to generate the seller leads their skill set would not be enough. If you want to cut through the highly competitive market, you should work on something captivating and creative - Facebook Ads. No doubt there are numerous social media platforms but Facebook provides the best platform when it comes to generating home seller leads. Why?

  1. Facebook accounts for the maximum number of active users.
  2. It eliminates all the geographical backgrounds
  3. The chances of attracting the target audience are high as in the campaign you would be using proper description and high-quality images. You can also make use of short and engaging videos that will attract the home sellers.

2 Take Full Advantage Of The Google Ads:

As you know Google is the most used search engine worldwide. This makes it the most reliable and trusted platform where you can place ads regarding the real estate business in order to gain high-quality home sellers leads. You might be right in guessing that the seller would generally go to Google in search of the right buyers. So through the Google ads, you have to convince them that you would be able to perform all the required tasks and make the home selling process easy for them. Google Ads are extremely beneficial if you want to display the listing to potential home sellers of a specific area. Moreover, you can provide home sellers with a fair idea of your listings, price, and contact details.

3 You Need to Workout Great Partnership With The Local Business:

Being a real estate agent you can easily build a strong partnership with the people who are involved in the local business such as tile companies, electricians, cleaning professionals, home stagers, and more. They will help you in providing the reference of the home sellers who are in the middle of the processor in search of a real estate agent.

4 Join Hands With Other Business Houses That Deal With Home Sellers:

There are banks, insurance companies, mortgage sectors, real estate attorneys, financial planners, investors who are always in touch with the home sellers. You can build a professional relationship with these people in order to get referrals from home sellers. This could be the most reliable way of generating seller leads in a highly competitive market.

5 Make Use Of Social Media Platforms:

Facebook is a place where you can come across millions of people if you have a good network. You can join various Facebook groups and live chat platforms where you can deal with the problems of the home sellers and provide them a solution. In this way, you can build a reputation in the real estate market. These home sellers would always recommend connecting with you and also bring in more clients. Moreover, you can have a Facebook page that is dedicated to all the work you have done for your past clients. This page will be used to advertise your skills, expertise as well as experience.

6 Network Through The Professional Platforms:

LinkedIn - You might be knowing that it is an online platform where people build strong professional connections. Therefore, you can easily connect with your past clients, real estate business houses, investors, colleagues, and many more. You can attract home sellers by sharing highly useful and informative content in the form of blogs or videos. It will show that you are knowledgeable as well as a reliable real estate agent. They would approach you to take care of their home selling process based on the qualities they saw in you.

7 You Can Reach Out To FSBO - For Sale by Owner:

Generally, For Sale By Owners are the most difficult leads. You would have to be very tactful in handling them and getting them converted into your potential customers. But it would be easy if you show them the benefits of working with you and doing regular follow-ups. According to the surveys, it was found that almost 32 to 33% of the people who are trying to sell the house on their own have to face losses. So you can make use of this information to cater to the right FSBO home seller leads.

8 Follow Up With The Expired Listings:

It is a very critical situation for the home sellers when the home listings are on the verge of expiring. You can sort out the expired or be expired listing from various real estate portals, or government local records. Then approach them as you will know what their problems are. These home sellers are already frustrated and would be glad to welcome you if you are solving their problems. Explain to them how you would be able to work out the home selling process and the strategies you would employ to find good buyers for their house.

9 You Must Stay In Touch With The Old Leads:

Well, when you provide great work to the home sellers they are sure to remember you even when they are in trouble. They have a certain level of trust in you as they had a good experience working with you. These past clients can also be a way to generate new leads as they would be referring you to various other people. But then you need to be on the top of their mind. You should be regular in sending out newsletters or party invitations, invitations to business events, etc. In this way, your past clients will get an idea that you are in search of home seller leads and would recommend others to work with you.

10 Becoming A Partner Agent:

This is one of the best methods through which you can generate seller leads. You can become a partner agent for various real estate listing sites and brokerage firms. In this way, you can ensure that you would be continuously generating seller leads through referral or build contact with the people who visit the firm on a regular basis. You must have a business card ready with you in case someone asks for your contact details.

11 Build A Strong Online Presence:

Well, you might have come across people who are suggesting you build a strong online presence as it is important in today’s modern era. But how to do it? You need to have a real estate website. Through this website, you can provide useful information to the home sellers. Moreover, you can also display the reviews and testimonials from your past clients. In this way, you can build a reputation in the real estate business. Besides this, it shows that you are sincere about your work and would cover all the possible areas and aspects of the real estate business to generate seller leads. By having a dynamic website, you can drive huge traffic and convert these visitors into your potential customer.

12 You Can Focus On Having A Blog:

If you are not interested in websites then you can just have a dedicated blog page. Just imagine you need to advertise your real estate skills and expertise to the home sellers but cannot do it directly. Because then people won’t listen to you. So you can make use of blogs where you can post high-quality content in the form of articles, or images, or videos. Through the content shared by you, people will know that you have a great knowledge of the business and understand the market trends. They would find you reliable and would love to work with you. In the modern era, you need to embrace modern strategies in order to generate high-quality seller leads. ‘

13 You Can Take Help Of Online Real Estate Portals To Generate Seller Leads:

Well, the housing market or the so-called real estate market is highly competitive. You might come across numerous websites that claim to help the real estate agent in generating seller leads. But not all the platforms are reliable. One such platform that will help you out is Dorrmat®. You just have to register as a real estate agent by providing all the details. Once all the information is analyzed by the team of expert real estate agents, they would link you up with several home sellers. You can ensure that these are high-quality seller leads which you can convert into potential customers.

14 Start Attending Business Events That Are Specifically Organized For Real Estate People:

At such business events, you can come across numerous sellers. So you will have to be tactful in sorting out the home sellers actually want to sell the properties and are looking for a real estate agent. You cannot do all the conversations at the business events but can easily pass your contact information so that they can reach you for the home selling process.

15 Take Full Advantage Of The Online Platform - Quora:

Well, you might be knowing why Quora is becoming popular among people who belong to different niches. Quora is a place where you can post questions and recommend experts to provide answers to it. So in order to show your expertise, you can post useful answers to all the questions posted by homeowners. This will help you in building a rapport with the homeowners and exhibit your expertise through your answers.


If you want to be successful in the real estate business then it is quite essential to maintain a perfect balance of patience, persistence, and smart work. By making use of these new ideas you can easily generate real estate leads and convert them into your clients.

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