12 Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent In 2021

12 Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent In 2021

After the challenging year the entire world faced last year, people are cautious regarding making major career moves this year. Everyone wants steady employment and safe career choices. If you are someone who is asking yourself whether you should become a real estate agent in 2021, then continue reading ahead.

We asked our real estate experts to share their reasons on why opting to become real estate agents would be a good move for many young professionals who are either about to enter the job market or are looking to switch to a more lucrative field of work.

Reasons To Become Real Estate Agents OR Why Should I Become a Real Estate Agent?

The real estate business is an evergreen choice. People are always going to need homes. Buyers and sellers are always going to be looking for licensed professional REALTORs to help them with the sale and purchase of their properties. Therefore, becoming a licensed real estate agent is going to help you build a robust career.

Our real estate experts have shared these reasons why people became real estate agents is a good choice in 2021.

1. No Requirement Of A College Degree To Sell Real Estate

The primary advantage to consider a new career in real estate is the fact that it does not require a college degree to start selling homes. In the US, a college education is one of the biggest debts that most young professionals have to bear. Almost all professions require some form of a formal college education.

However, to become a real estate agent, all you need is to be over the age of 18 years old, undergo a short pre-licensing training course, and then appear for the real estate license test. This low barrier to entry both in terms of costs and educational requirements means that everyone has the opportunity to become a real estate agent. It also prevents youngsters from beginning their professional careers with crippling college education loan debt.

Another key benefit is that you can start working and earning as soon as you get your real estate license. There are many professions that require students to work and gain practical experience through, internships, residency programs, etc before they can earn an income. That again is not the case for those choosing to become a real estate agent.

2. Option To Attend Real Estate Courses Online

We spoke briefly about how for becoming a real estate agent you would have to undergo training at a real estate school. Now the best part of this is that there are both in-person and online courses available to complete the mandatory training hours. In these courses, you would be taught the basics of the real estate business, along with the laws and regulations of the state in which you wish to become a licensed real estate agent.

The course duration varies according to the state's requirements, but the course that you opt for should provide you with basic training and an exam preparation guide. The fact that you have the choice of attending these courses online makes it more convenient as you can attend the course along with pursuing your other interests, or if right now due to the pandemic, you have moved back home, you still have the option of attending an online real estate school's course that is accredited in the state where you wish to work as a real estate agent.

3. As A Business Owner You Have Freedom

Becoming a real estate agent is actually deciding to become an independent business owner. After completing your real estate course and getting your real estate license, you will have to join a brokerage. It is mandatory to work under a broker in a brokerage. Now although you are technically an employee of the brokerage house, you are still an independent business owner and as such have a lot of freedom when it comes to making all of the key decisions.

If you put in the required amount of hard work, you can create your own success. Which days you work or for many hours a day you work gets decided by you. The kind of clients you wish to work with, what kind of properties you want to help sell, are also decided by you. This kind of freedom is hardly possible in the other traditional 9 to 5 kinds of work.

4. Better Work-Life Balance

Another major reasons to become a real estate agent in 2021 is that this career gives you the freedom to balance your work responsibilities and family responsibilities. In a year where we have learned that it is our family and friends who are the most important to us, having a business that lets us be free to juggle our priorities and letting us be free to opt for a flexible schedule makes a career in real estate a worthy choice.

It also lets you be flexible in choosing how you work. This means you can choose to have your vacation days without the worries of work. At the same time, you can also opt to meet buyers and sellers during the weekends if you wish to do so. If you wish, you could even go back to school and continue working part-time. Having this kind of flexibility helps you be the best at what you do.

5. You Have Unlimited Income Potential

I think one reason that all our real estate experts pointed out and also a reason that most of you would also be aware of is that when you choose to become a real estate agent, you are basically unlocking an unlimited income potential. Your income is entirely in your hands.

The reason for this is unlike other professions where people are paid a fixed monthly salary, real estate agents are paid on a commission basis. That means that they earn a fixed percentage of the final sales amount of every house they help to sell. Therefore, your hard work is going to determine your income.

There are many factors that affect a real estate agent's income prospects. Factors such as experience, location, kind of property sales, brokerage type, etc but the fact still remain that these are all factors in the hands of a real estate agent and can be changed by them. Therefore the annual income earning potential is mostly controlled by the agents themselves.

6. Real Estate Market Is A Reliable Business

In a year where most businesses across the globe were shadowed by the gloom and despair of a pandemic, the real estate business stood out as one of the few businesses that not only managed to survive the downturn but actually registered growth. In 2020, the housing market in the US registered the maximum growth since 2006.

Around 5.64 million homes were sold according to data released by The National Association of REALTORS®. The sales numbers were 22% higher when compared to data from December 2019. This is why our real estate experts believe that becoming a realtor will definitely be of value even in the coming years.

7. Excellent Career Growth Prospects

For those who are interested in broadening their scope of work, the choice to become a real estate agent is ideal as this is an industry where you have multiple options to take your profession forward. The first step for all of these is to obtain a real estate license. Once you have the license, you will start off as a residential real estate agent.

If you want, you can diversify into the commercial real estate business, or become a property appraiser, or even a leasing consultant. Each of these professions requires some additional qualification and certification, but with a real estate license, the number of choices to take you ahead professionally multiplies.

8. Your Job Is To Help People

In real estate, your core responsibility is to help people. There are very few professions where our work changes the lives of the people we meet. Every day real estate agents help their clients with their buying or selling of houses.

A house is a major commitment life goal and an agent gets to help people every day. If you are someone who always works better with people around you if you thrive in scenarios where you have to meet new people every day and deal with multiple challenges, then becoming a realtor is definitely going to suit you.

9. Choice To Work From Home

If for any reason you wish to work from home, real estate agents have that option too. You can create a website and write a blog on the real estate industry to assist people in understanding the market. These posts and blog articles could fetch you more clients and more success. These are also excellent ways for marketing your company and solidifying your position as a real estate expert.

You do not need an office to meet your clients. You can have virtual house tours and offer advice and guidance to your sellers. You can schedule these meetings at a time convenient for both parties. With the constantly changing restrictions, it offers you greater personal freedom and flexibility in how you choose to conduct your real estate business.

10. Transferable Skills

The greatest yet the least noticed benefit for all real estate agents is the sheer amount of skills and knowledge they develop on the on. An average agent who is starting a new real estate business is basically trying to schedule multiple aspects such as managing the sellers, carving time out for marketing, personal life managing the office expenses, and probably much more.

This ability to multitask and deliver results under pressure is going to be extremely beneficial even if in the future the agent wants to branch out into other professions. You become better at the art of selling, you become as creative as you want to showcase the houses that you sell in the best possible light, and you become excellent problem solvers. All of these skills will make you successful in the field of your choice.

11. Potential To Expand Business

After putting in a few years as a realtor, you can choose to opt for additional qualifications and decide to become a broker. As a licensed broker, you will be able to set up your own brokerage and hire other real estate agents to work on your team.

This will let you mentor and guide new agents and also rapidly increase the money that you earn, as a broker will be getting a portion of each house that is sold by the agents working on the team. You can set up a chain of brokerages across the state and boost the money that you make annually, and eventually, if you do decide to retire as a broker, then you can sell your well-established brokerages and gain a nice little capital for safeguarding your later years.

12. Become Property Experts

In the real estate industry, you can make continue to be successful in more ways than in other professions. Real estate agents are considered experts. So if you are inclined, you can schedule tv appearances to offer good real estate market advice. This will give you access to a huge number of people.

Many people might approach you with requests to sell their houses as they know that you are truly an expert in your field and can be relied upon to get them the money they require from the sale.


A career in real estate is always going to be an ideal choice. For those of you who are still wondering about embarking on a new career as a licensed real estate agent, we hope that the reasons outlined above help you make the right decision. Our experts would like you to remember that all professions require dedication and hard work. So if you are willing to put in that work, then becoming a part of the real estate industry and starting a new profession as a real estate agent in 2021 might be the best choice.

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