11 Real Estate Prospecting Tips To Help Agents Generate Leads

11 Real Estate Prospecting Tips To Help Agents Generate Leads

The real estate business depends upon finding and converting new leads. The activity of prospecting for new clients involves widening your network to attract new leads, utilizing your professional and social circles to find prospective clients, and enhancing the reach and visibility of your real estate brand.

Most real estate agents find it a challenge to manage their time to find new prospects, go to client meetings, and close real estate deals. So we have done the groundwork for you. We have gathered the most effective and easy to adopt real estate prospecting tips that will help you get ahead. Start with a few of these strategies and slowly include most of them. It might seem like a lot, but as a real estate agent, you would need to multitask to achieve your goals and become successful.

Must Follow Real Estate Agents Prospecting Strategies

1. Create A Real Estate Website

Create A Real Estate Website.jpg

The foremost step for any real estate agent is to create a website to market his brand. A real estate website helps you to gain more trust and more leads. This website needs to be a clear, informative, and impressive one. Make sure that you include a proper landing page with a simple call-to-action button(CTA). This will help you gather the contact information of all those who visit your site.

Along with the landing page, you should try to include the internet data exchange (IDX). This allows you to display the new home listings on your website. In fact, if you happen to be a National Association of Realtors®️ (NAR) member, then you are offered a discounted price for IDX. Always make sure that your website has an attractive and interesting layout and display, as it is meant to generate leads.

2. Daily Real Estate Prospecting Strategy

It is an error to believe that real estate leads prospecting is only needed to be done when you are a new agent. Kindly do not fall into this trap. Trying to find a lead a day, is something that you must always keep on doing. It does not matter whether you find one or not. The important part is to make prospecting for new leads a part of your daily routine.

Set a target for every week. Now, this could be in meeting people in person, making phone calls, participating in local community events. It is necessary to have a fixed schedule for prospecting using all the tools that you have available in order to generate more business and gain more buyers and sellers. Keep a track of the sales so that you can maximize the efforts on the right channels.

3. Search For Leads On Social Media

Search For Leads On Social Media.jpg

Now, it is possible that you are utilizing one of the many channels of social media platforms to find leads. Still, it is worth your while to diversify your social media campaigns to ensure that you are able to maximize your marketing efforts.

It is important to invest time and effort in this as according to the statistics released by the National Association of Realtors®️ (NAR) of all online leads roughly 47% come from social media channels.

A. Finding Leads On Facebook

Finding Leads On Facebook.jpg

Let us first discuss the social media giant Facebook. They offer tremendous targeting capabilities, which helps an agent refine their marketing campaigns. According to NAR around 80% of realtors and agents utilize Facebook to reach out to their future clients and the community at large.

All you need to do is create a Facebook Ads Manager account and link your real estate business page to it. Then you can start creating hyper-targeted ad campaigns to gain leads.

B. Finding Leads On Instagram

Running ad campaigns on Instagram is slowly picking up. In terms of features, you pretty much get everything as the parent company is Facebook. But the reason we are mentioning Instagram as a separate social media site is that you may not need to spend money running ads. You can utilize the platform as a regular user to attract more leads.

All you need to do is to post regularly, use high-quality photographs, and make sure that you include the right real estate hashtags.

4. Utilize An Online Lead Generation Platform

Utilize An Online Lead Generation Platform.jpg

Although not a traditional prospecting strategy, it is still extremely helpful to gain buyer and seller leads. Consider signing up for an online real estate seller lead generation platform like Dorrmat. There are multiple advantages of using the services of such platforms.

For instance, Dorrmat provides you with a continuous supply of quality real estate seller leads. This saves you a fair bit of your prospecting time, and you can actually focus more on converting the leads into clients. A platform like Dorrmat is also immensely helpful for new agents who may be facing a budget crunch, as it provides a host of additional features that will help reduce expenses for an agent.

5. Join The National Association of Realtors

By joining the apex body for realtors, you would be widening your professional circle. You would get wider brand visibility in the local real estate market as you would be a realtor. This is a very good strategy to attract new business, as the clients would find you more reliable and more of a real estate market expert because of your realtor accreditation.

Moreover, you would also benefit from the tools and knowledge that are provided by the trade organization. When you conduct your door-to-door campaigns and get your marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, or door-hangers published, you can proudly mention the detail that you are a realtor.

6. Invest In A Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM)

Invest In A Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM).jpg

This one is something many new real estate agents miss out on. It is necessary to get a good customer relationship management tool as it is a core part of your lead generation. It is vital to follow up on each and every lead that you get. Clients in real estate take time to come to a decision. As a real estate agent, it is your responsibility as a real estate agent to make sure that all leads received have been properly nurtured, and the maximum has been converted.

For real estate prospecting, CRM is the most helpful tool. You can not only segregate all your clients but also have detailed status updates regarding each client. You can also set reminders on when to re-target a possible lead again and what was the status as of the last discussion.

Furthermore, you can also integrate your drip marketing efforts with your CRM, as this provides you an opportunity to automate the regular e-mails and messages to them. This will also safeguard against missing out on a possible client only because there was a lack of communication from your end.

7. Target FSBO Listings

Not the real estate prospects preferred by many real estate agents, still our experts believe that targeting the for sale by owner (FSBO) listings could actually help you boost your lead accumulation. Create a simple script for approaching such clients, and then either send them an e-mail or give them a short, yet informative call.

If you are patient and persistent, then this effort can pay off. The reason we consider FSBO listings as an excellent real estate prospecting avenue is due to the fact these are all motivated sellers. Therefore, these automatically qualify them as strong lead prospects. And we believe that each prospect should be followed up.

Approach them with free advice and let them see that when it comes to sales they need an expert. This is more so in the case if it is an expired listing. Call or meet them in person and outline your plans for helping them sell the house. How you will market it differently or identify the issues that left it unsold initially.

Let the FSBO listing client see that you have good and practical ideas to help them complete the property sale.

8. Work Leads From Open Houses

An open house is a great way to find real estate leads. All the open houses give an incredible chance for the clever agent to not only close a sale successfully but also gain multiple future clients. Although it seems fairly simple, there is a way to ensure that each open house event you conduct gets you, local, new clients.

It is a two-part approach. The first thing you must ensure is that at all your open houses you have a sign-in book or digital entry system. This ensures that you are collecting the contact information of all the people who have attended a particulate open house. At the open house, make sure to pass on your business card to all those who attend.

The second part of maximizing open houses is to approach these people who attended the event at the earliest. Create a template for e-mails to be sent to any contact who came to an open house event. Include a reminder of where they had met you and also any small real estate market news to get them a bit curious. It is very crucial not to let the information of these people who came to the open house event get lost among other important things.

9. Reach Out To Past Clients

Reach Out To Past Clients.jpg

Past clients are a vital source of future business. Referrals are a gold mine when it comes to real estate prospecting. As you have helped your past clients in selling their homes, they are already aware of your knowledge and skills. So it would be easy for you to request a referral to someone in their social circle who is having real estate buying and selling concerns.

Each past client can get you a prospect. And sometimes they are themselves repeat buyers and sellers. If you helped them sell or buy a home, then you should consider it as a work-related relationship. It is necessary to nurture these relationships.

Stay in touch with them over phone calls and regular monthly or quarterly e-mails. Forward them the news about your new listings, reminders about any new blog post on your website. YOu could integrate this too with your CRM as well.

10. Approach Friends And Family

Approach Friends And Family.jpg

One of the best prospecting tips is to rope in your social circle. Asking your friends and family for prospects is actually something that is extremely helpful. Try to meet people for a coffee or maybe make a phone call every once in a while.

Keep them informed about the new listing that you are handling and ask them to let you know if they know someone who is looking to buy or sell property in the local area. If you do this a number of times every day with everyone in your social circle you are sure to find new buyers or sellers.

11. Contact Companies With Many Employees

One of the ways you can become successful in real estate prospecting is by deciding a property niche and offering services related to that to the larger community. Large local employers are a great source of prospects. If they have a large number of people moving into the community then you can either work to help them buy homes or work with the local sellers.

You can also work with a large community of educational institutes as well. These are also excellent opportunities as they are also similarly large scale employers.


For any real estate agent, finding new prospects is a crucial part of their work. By following and adapting each tip mentioned above to your particular real estate niche and location, you can definitely see an uptick in the volume of real estate leads that you manage to find.

The key is to consistently keep following each tip, and keep monitoring to see which ones are helping you gain more clients. With each client, you are widening your sphere of influence, and it will help you find new buyers and sellers.

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