10 Success Secrets For Real Estate Sales Agents

10 Success Secrets For Real Estate Sales Agents

Every professional aims to achieve success in their respective fields. Similarly, real estate agents also want fast career growth and to become successful. The real estate business is a growth-oriented field, and it is also true that an agent's success depends on the amount of hard work that they put into their work. But is hard work alone enough? Will hard work always transition into beneficial growth?

This is what we asked our real estate experts. Our experts are a mix of new and experienced successful real estate agents, successful brokers running their real estate teams, and trainers in the real estate school who every year coach 100s of young professionals who are embarking on their real estate careers.

We asked this team of experts what were the secrets or techniques that helped a new real estate agent find their foothold, establish their business, and get a career boost. Although most of these tips are useful for new agents, our experts caution that even experienced agents should keep an eye on these integral aspects. In the real estate industry, constant adaptation is a necessity. A technique that may have worked well in the past might not get you the desired result now, as the circumstances or the real estate market had undergone a massive change.

Here are the ten tips and secrets suggested by our experts:

Successful Real Estate Agent Secrets And Tips — The Basics

Let us begin with the secrets for the foundation of your business.

1. Select The Right Brokerage

Select Right Brokerage.jpg

The most important piece of advice that we can offer you is to make the selection of the brokerage where you wish to work. As most of you are probably aware, a new real estate agent needs to work under a brokerage and pick up the practical aspects of the real estate business.

Once you have your real estate license in your hand, go around the city or the neighborhood you wish to work in and make a list of the brokerages in that area. Next, schedule an interview with them. In your interview, focus on learning as much about the organization and the brokers working there as possible. Ask questions regarding the way they operate, how is the organization structured, what kind of clients they handle, and what are its business goals and philosophy.

This will help you find a brokerage that fits your requirements and where you can continue to grow. Most real estate agents quit their brokerages in the first year because they did not make the right selection. Try to avoid making this mistake.

2. Find A Mentor

The next step would be to find a mentor to guide you in the initial days. This is an invaluable addition to your career as a mentor will help you learn about the business from a practical perspective. This helps you acquire knowledge beyond books and some aspects that are not even covered in books.

With a mentor by your side guiding you, you will be able to meet new clients, learn how to handle the interactions, carry out home inspections, and most importantly, how to handle negotiations. A mentor can also help you out when you are handling a client independently and are facing an unexpected issue. This is all going to be knowledge that all real estate agents gain with experience after a few years, but with a mentor by your side, you can learn all of this a little faster.

3. Develop Relationships

Real estate Develop Relationships with client.jpg

A referral is a key to take your real estate agent career ahead, but to ask for referrals, you must first establish relationships. One of our experts said that as a new agent, he made it a point to meet three new people every day. No, these were not clients or seller leads. These were simply three new people. In this way, within the first two months, he had become acquainted with most people in his neighborhood.

He got to know all of the local small business owners, heads of the local organizations, managers, and, in general, a sizeable part of the local population. He said that this helped him tremendously when it came to getting referrals. He admitted that it is hard for a new real estate agent to get clients, but having a referral is helpful and many of his casual acquaintances also ended up becoming his clients within the first two years. He swears that building these friendly relationships is necessary to become successful as a real estate agent.

Business Secrets And Tips Real Estate Agents Must Know

Let us move ahead to some core business success secrets that our experts suggest help real estate agents build a proper foundation.

4. Start With A Clear Business Plan

The first thing all new agents should do is write down a proper business plan along with measurable goals. If you have seen the Olympics this year, then you would understand that each gold medal-winning athlete had been planning and preparing for this moment for years.

Similarly, you should have a success plan with achievable objectives. Do not set vague and lofty goals of having a dozen clients by the end of your first year. Rather, plan out your goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For instance, how many phone calls are you going to make, how many doors to knock, are you going to write articles for a blog? Having these strategies in place right from the start will help you develop your professional capacity and establish your company.

5. Prepare A Budget

Real Estate Budget.jpg

The next step would be to write down your budget. You need to save up so that you can meet the day-to-day expenses of running a small business, pay the brokerage fees and charges, and manage your personal expenses until you start earning money.

Most real estate organizations pay on a commission basis, so it might take you at least a few months before you start making good money. Our experts said that not planning a proper budget and saving ahead for the initial few months was a major reason for failure among real estate agents. Everyone needs to understand that things take time to move in this business.

It might take you months to get clients, to acquiring their listings, to preparing their homes for sale, and then eventually getting the sales commissions. Therefore, having a clear budget to adequately manage both your personal and your business expenses is crucial.

6. Have A Clear Plan To Generate Seller Leads

All real estate agents are well aware that they need to make sure that they have seller leads. For both a new real estate agent and an established one, it is necessary that they have strategies in place to generate seller leads. One of the popular options would be to register on an online real estate platform like Dorrmat.

Dorrmat provides quality seller leads to their registered agents. As each lead is a qualified lead, the chances of converting these into clients are high. This kind of lead pipeline of sellers is really helpful for real estate agents as it lets them focus on the other aspects of the business and on selling. Dorrmat also provides a host of other resources, such as a strong CRM, a professional landing page, and vendor addition. All this works to boost your professional growth.

Secrets To Make You A Successful Real Estate Agent

Finally, once the basics are in place, the focus should be entirely on becoming a successful real estate agent by making sure that you are including the following expert advice into your work culture:

7. Build Great Client Relationships

Build Great Client Relationships.jpg

The first one is you will have to learn to build long-term customer relationships. When you meet new clients, spend time and get to know them as people. Your clients are not merely buyers and sellers. Learn to treat them as more than customers. Try to be available at all times. Sometimes a five-minute phone call could help your clients value you more.

Help each of your customers understand the property buying or selling process better, spend some time getting to know them and their requirements and concerns. This is not only part of your job but also the key to success because when you create this kind of long-term relationship with each customer, you are increasing your chances of getting both repeat business and referrals from these satisfied clients. So, stay in contact with all your clients by sending them free property-related information, sending seasonal greetings, and wishing them their successes.

8. Collaborate With Another Agent

At times, joining forces with another agent may help you get ahead faster. This is true especially when you are a new real estate agent. Yes, you will have to share your commission, but you are also getting to acquire knowledge about different property market demands, enhance your skills, combine your resources, learn to add value, and sell better.

You will also be able to represent and sign on more clients and deliver a better customer experience for each client by working as a team. This process also ensures that you are developing a good set of skills to work well with other real estate professionals.

9. Ace The Open House

Open house for real estate agent.jpg

All open house events are a great way to meet new clients. An open house is not just for helping your current client get their home sold, it is also a great marketing opportunity for your business. The buyers who attend the open house could also be looking to sell their current home. It is an excellent way to gather more seller leads.

All you need to generate success from open house events is to be prepared. Make sure you have a sign-in sheet at the entrance to get the contact details of all the attendees. Distribute your marketing materials such as flyers and business cards. Inform the potential customers about the other active listings in the same neighborhood. By constantly interacting with the crowd, you will be able to create a strong professional impression on everyone who came and up your chances of getting new business and leads.

10. Create Social Media Strategies

Social media has become the new ground for attracting and maintaining business for both buyers and sellers. After the incredible challenges of the past year, the industry has undergone permanent changes, so it has become crucial for agents to learn the art of selling and marketing on various social media platforms.


Facebook ads for real estate agents.jpg

Create a business account and utilize the Facebook ads feature to enhance your marketing. You can even announce any open house you are organizing and ensure that maximum people in that neighborhood get to know about it. This can be done as Facebook gives you incredible granular control over the demographics of who sees your ads.


As a purely visual medium, Instagram is excellent to attract customers to your main business site. Share photos of your current listings, and share photos with the sold sign outside beautiful homes. In your stories, you can share pictures of all the current trends in real estate. Make sure to clearly and noticeably put your contact and marketing details.


LinkedIn For Real Estate.jpg

Agents must utilize the professional aspect of social media. A platform like LinkedIn helps you connect with the other professionals in the industry. Not only will you succeed in building relationships with professionals from this sector, but you may also get a growth boost to your career due to these connections.


These are the ten tips and secrets that will enable you to become a successful agent. In the real estate industry, it is necessary to constantly keep learning and evolving with the times. As last year showed us, we cannot continue to attract buyers and sellers in the same old ways in a changing world. However, by incorporating the above suggestions in your business agenda, you can surely achieve the success you are aiming for and succeed in taking your real estate career to great heights. These 10 tips from successful real estate agents should help improve your real estate care.

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