10 Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Tips For Agents

10 Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Tips For Agents

Generating real estate leads is a vital component for running a real estate business. This is the reason why agents are constantly endeavoring to find new sources or improve their existing strategies to find leads. The first aspect a real estate agent learns in the real estate school is all the common ways to acquire leads.

Yet, the reality is vastly different once you have obtained your real estate license and started working as a residential real estate agent. There are many more sources to gain leads. The trick is to know how to harness the different sources to ensure you never run out of leads.

But for that, real estate lead generation ideas alone are not enough. There is also a need to create a proper sales funnel to ensure that you work on all the different aspects, from acquiring leads to converting them. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the importance of creating a sales lead funnel.

Why Should A Real Estate Agent Create A Real Estate Leads Funnel?

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As a real estate agent, you are going to be juggling multiple responsibilities as a small business owner. Although generating leads is vital for your real estate business, it is not going to be your sole responsibility. Creating a proper sales funnel helps you better manage the prospects that you gather.

You can ensure that you do not lose any prospective clients unknowingly anywhere between the journey of acquiring the leads and converting them. So, let us discuss how to establish a sales funnel.

What Is A Real Estate Lead Generation Funnel?

For any business, it is vital to constantly keep attracting prospects and potential customers towards the business' services/products. In the real estate industry, you need to do the same. There is a need to ensure that homeowners are drawn towards your service and wish to hire you.

A real estate funnel to generate leads and listings would include the following stages.

The Primary Stage: the agent needs togenerate real estate leads, which could be potential buyers and sellers, through a combination of the methods discussed in the latter part of this article. This is the stage where you will have maximum possibilities. Therefore, it is necessary to widen this base as much as possible. The more people you have at this stage, the better your chance at landing listings.

The Secondary Stage: In this stage, a realtor puts in efforts to convert these accumulated leads into strong sales prospects. This is usually done by classifying the leads as warm or cold. Warm leads refer to those homeowners who are ready to sell right away; whereas, cold leads are those who do not have plans to sell or are unsure whether they want to sell.

A realtor tries to provide adequate information to both groups to help them and convert them into clients.

Successful Real Estate Agents Approved Tips For Real Estate Lead Generation

1. Set Up A Real Estate Website

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Many real estate agents do not have their website and instead rely on the page that they are provided by their brokerage. This is the first aspect of the business that you need to improve upon. Although having a branded professional page on a large brand name realty website is useful in the initial days when you are starting as an agent, in the long run, you may face certain issues.

The main challenge would be to set up your client circle once you decide to go independent. You will have to start from scratch. Instead of that, it is good to have your real estate website right from the start. Even a simple single scroll one would be acceptable at the beginning. You can keep improving it as you learn more about the business.

Your website will let you build a unique brand image for yourself and attract the kind of clients that you wish to serve.

2. Opt For Search Engine Optimization For Your Site

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To establish a successful real estate business, the next core component is to be able to reach the right target audience. For this, you would need to focus on understanding and working according to the requirements of the search engines.

A search engine plays a crucial role in helping you attract more visitors to your business. The more website visitors you get, the more your lead generation possibilities. The key component for obtaining higher rankings on search engines is through keywords. These keywords are both a combination of your business terms and the common search terms that people search for online.

Depending on your budget, you can hire experts to handle the search engines optimization task for your website. From improving the technical aspects to enhancing the content portion, the SEO activities will ensure that your website is getting all the advantages possible to feature high on the search engines ranking pages.

3. Obtain Online Real Estate Lead Generation Platform Assistance

The easiest route to obtain more seller leads is by opting to register and take the assistance of an online seller lead generation platform. Our pick is Dorrmat, the Arizona-based lead generation platform, providing agents quality leads of home sellers in all the major housing markets in the state.

The unique aspect about Dorrmat is the fact that it was created and is ked by real estate agents. This ensures that all the features and facilities an agent will require from such a platform are available on Dorrmat.

The primary service is, of course, providing a steady supply of exclusive leads. However, Dorrmat also excels in providing additional features such as highly-customizable customer relationship management (CRM) software, excellent tech support, direct lead capture links, and more. For a rookie agent, getting all this at such affordable costs certainly puts them at an advantage.

4. Enhance Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

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Real estate professionals need to chalk out a clear marketing strategy from the start. A mistake that many new agents tend to make is that they rely exclusively on the marketing materials and marketing support provided by their brokerages. While there is no harm in utilizing the resources you get. It is still necessary to have your own independent brand identity for later.

As a small business owner, it is advisable to focus more on the digital marketing aspects. These marketing activities do not cost a lot and have a better benefit to investment ratio. However, before you spend money on real estate marketing, create a clearly defined brand, brand name, logo, and consider your ideal client base.

Who do you want to attract, and where do the majority of that target audience would be available. According to that, you can focus on digital or social media marketing. Even traditional marketing could be highly effective in certain geographical regions.

5. Paid Advertising Can Get You Potential Leads

A suggestion when searching for real estate lead generation ideasthat you might have come across is paid advertising. Now, this form of marketing is indeed highly effective and can be an excellent source of leads.

This gets classified under outbound lead generation, where you approach the potential clients. There are various forms of adverts that you can try out and see which give you better results. For instance:

A. Try Google Ads

Google adverts are a prime choice for most individuals, as it lets you reach a large audience at a minimal cost. You can even try out various ad copies and see which one attracts more clicks. This makes it possible for you to get more from your investment.

B. Consider LinkedIn Ads

Similar to Google ads, there are also LinkedIn ads. Now the reason why we have specified these two is because of their vastly differing natures. The LinkedIn platform is for building and nurturing professional relationships. Therefore, your approach to both forms of ads needs to be diverse.

6. Create Resources Of Free Real Estate Advice

Whether you are looking to generate buyer leads or trying to find seller leads, there is a lot of benefits to be derived from resource creation. On your real estate website, you can have a separate section where you offer expert information about all the aspects of the real estate business.

This can be a great tool to attract potential new leads. People are always searching for advice on real estate matters. Additionally, this could also be the new content that search engines require from websites to keep them on top of the rankings.

All you need to do is create a knowledge resource and share it with your audience. You can create lead capture forms by asking them to provide their contact information in exchange for access to the knowledge resource that you are providing for free.

7. Boost Leads From Open House

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Your lead generation efforts can get a massive boost if you manage to combine two activities in one. Yes, we are referring to utilizing your open houses for more than selling the homes.

Each open house presents you with a vast opportunity to widen your reach and attract more leads. Therefore, a planned event can help you find a good buyer and also many potentials from each event.

However, for this, you need to do more than just gather the contact information of the attendees. It is necessary to create a personal impact on each person who visits one of your open houses. Similarly, farm the area. Take a quick walk around the neighborhood and invite everyone to the open house event.

In case there are any restrictions on gatherings, you could also consider conducting a virtual tour of all your current listings. The advantage of this is that these virtual videos can be shared and viewed by people whenever they want. Once a video is up, you can even start a Q&A session related to it to provide answers to queries. In this way, each open house can be an excellent lead magnet if utilized adequately.

8. Consider Expired Listings To Boost Your Leads

For enhancing your real estate lead generation volume, try factoring in the expired listings market. Consult the multiple listing service and filter out those homes sellers who have expired listings that are at least two months or older.

Approach these sellers with a better re-marketing strategy to get their homes sold. It would be worth your while to focus on these sellers as they already are motivated and only require better guidance. We would not suggest getting into the highly competitive fray for those expired listings which have gone off the market recently, as many other realtors would also be making a bid to acquire those.

9. Become A Local Real Estate Partnership Specialist

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It is possible to generate leads by building mutually beneficial partnerships with those who are in this business. This kind of partnership can be formed with various individuals and businesses to provide benefits to both.

For instance, form a partnership with a fellow agent to cover a market or a client base that you were not able to serve. Similarly, partnering up with someone more experienced lets you hone your own skills. Also, partnering up with local business owners can be beneficial as you instantly widen the customer base for both businesses.

10. Attend Local Networking Events And Local Community Events

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Our last suggestion in this list of real estate lead generation ideas is to network more. You stand to gain more leads by building lasting relationships with your past clients and others in the local community. Be a regular at the local chamber of commerce meetings, participate or contribute to all the local events. What this does is establish you as the local expert who should be consulted for all home buying and selling needs.


From our list of real estate lead generation ideas, we are sure that you can pick a few that you can incorporate in your lead acquisition strategy. As a real estate professional, it is part of the job to constantly the changing needs of the market and adapt accordingly. It is possible to gather maximum real estate listings by ensuring that your efforts are targeted in the right direction. When selecting lead generation strategies, it is necessary to ensure that you have a good mix of both traditional and modern methods. All successful realtors follow this approach to stay ahead in the business.

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