10 Myth-Busting Facts About Home Seller Lead Generation

10 Myth-Busting Facts About Home Seller Lead Generation

The real estate world is complex jargon. You must be a part of it to understand the process of the real estate business. The real estate agents are the crucial part of the industry who are aware of all the facts, as well as myths when it comes to home seller lead generation. There are certain home seller lead generation myths that are regarded as hardcore truth by home sellers! Well, it's time to let them know the truth.

1 Home Seller Leads That Are Generated Through Online Platforms Doesn’t Work:

Well, this is absolutely wrong. In the digital era, the real estate market is growing at a rapid rate and this is due to the support of the online platform. These online platforms are not just helpful for real estate agents but also for home sellers as well as buyers. The online real estate platforms have made the home searching process, home buying process, generating seller leads process extremely smooth and hassle-free.

Only those people who don't have the right tactics to make the proper use of online platforms can fall into the trap due to which the myths and misconception are prevailing in the real estate society or the world. With perfect strategies and advertising, you can get land up with numerous home seller leads. Irrespective of how competitive the market is, you can always gain home seller leads.

2 Home Seller Leads That Are Generated Through Online Platforms Are Worthless Or Of Low Quality:

The quality of the home seller leads generated through online platforms depends on your efforts. The Internet is a platform where everyone has an equal chance of growing their business. Similarly, there are various real estate online platforms that claim to provide high-quality leads, but in such scenarios, you have to be vigilant enough to identify the website that actually provides you with high-quality home seller leads such as Dorrmat. If you end up on unauthorized websites you will definitely get low-quality seller leads.

3 Most Often People Think That Great Home Seller Lead Generation Websites Or Agencies Are Expensive:

Well, if you explore the real estate market, you would come to know that it is not at all true. There are authentic websites where you just have to register yourself as real estate agents and you would be able to browse through numerous home seller leads and that too high quality leads.

4 To Generate High Quality Leads You Need A Traditional Real Estate Agent:

Well, whether you are buying or selling a home, having a trustworthy and reliable real estate agent is a must. But that does not mean that you need to work only with a traditional agent. With the advancing times, you can get the support of real estate agents that are recommended by digital platforms such as websites, or real estate portals.

5 People Think That The more Home Seller Leads You Generate, The More Money You Make:

In the real estate market if you wish to know what success is you must focus on gaining as many home seller leads as possible. But that is not directly linked with the money you make. Quality is more important than quantity. You must understand that generating high-quality leads will get you more profit in monetary terms. Moreover, it will help you in growing your real estate business at a faster rate. You must focus on generating the maximum number of home seller leads but make sure that they are of high quality.

6 Generating New Home Seller Leads Is Always Better Than Maintaining The Old Leads.

No doubt generating high-quality new home seller leads is of utmost importance. But along with that, it is important to make sure that you are maintaining a good rapport with your previous leads. A good real estate agent would understand how important it is to keep nurturing your old leads as they can provide you with referrals. This clearly shows that it is a great misconception prevailing in society with regards to generating home seller leads.

7 Most People Think That Creating Different Kinds Of Landing Pages Is A Waste Of Time:

In the digital era, if you are having a real estate website, i is a great initiative that will help you to gain high-quality leads. But people think that it is not essential to have different landing pages. For such people, it is essential to know that having a high-quality landing page on the website is an effective inbound marketing strategy. The URL of the webpage would be different and thus will direct your visitors to the exact page and provide the right information they are searching for. You must analyze that without a landing page, you will have a really hard time turning your visitor into leads.

8 It Is Extremely Difficult To Verify The Quality Of The Home Seller Leads:

Well, whether you are generating home seller leads through an online platform or by following the conventional methods, in both ways verifying the authenticity of the leads can be done easily. If you are going by the conventional ways, you can refer to the documents and various records that show their authenticity. Once again, if you choose to generate home seller leads through online methods, then also you can be sure that they are authentic. The online portals ask for all the authentic documents from the homeowners/sellers.

9 You Can Never Convert The Home Seller Leads That You Generate From Online Real Estate Portals:

This is a complete misconception. In fact, if you put in efforts in the right direction and you can generate high-quality leads from online real estate platforms and also convert them into potential customers. Dorrmat is one such real estate platform where real estate agents can generate high-quality home seller leads. They can build a strong rapport with the clients by winning their confidence and then strategically convert them into potential customers.

10 Home Seller Leads Generation Does Not Get You Any Profit:

Most often the real estate agents who are new in the market think that through generating home seller leads they would not be able to gain any monetary profit. Well, this is completely false. When you are working with your homeowners who are eager to sell out their house, you can be definite that your profit share would be extremely high. You just have to get the right buyers for the property, then even if you are negotiating on the amount, you can guarantee that your monetary benefit would be high. Besides this, if your clients are impressed by your work, they can provide you referrals. This is a double benefit that you can gain from just one home seller lead.


So there are some of the myth-busting facts that you must be aware of if you wish to pose yourself as a highly qualified and experienced, intelligent real estate agent. This will help you to understand the mindset of people and how to change it while you are working with them.

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