About Us

DOORMAT® Real Estate Services is a professional, full-service agency that helps clients sell their properties throughout the state of Arizona. Our founder has over 20 years of real estate experience and a team of professionals that have helped many homeowners sell their properties at great prices while delivering five-star service. We at DORRMAT focus on success and making a significant impact on the local communities that we serve.

Don't Sell Your Own Home!

Real estate agents are familiar with the local market. They have passed the necessary training and exams to become licensed professionals. They are also more experienced, which is why they are likely to know how to sell your home faster and for more money.

A licensed real estate agent has the best chance of selling your home quickly and for top dollar. However, it is essential that you hire the best and most experienced real estate agent in Arizona, and that's where we come in.

A Trusted Team of Highly Talented Realtors

Selling a home is not an easy task. There is typically a lot of paperwork and exposure to different legal liabilities. This is one of the reasons many homeowners choose to work with a skilled and experienced local agent to help them sell. Besides helping to reduce your liability, the agent you hire can help you market the home in the best possible light. A REALTOR® will also be able to help you find the right buyer for your home. This will help you get the highest possible price for your property.

But here is the problem…how do you know that the REALTOR you spoke with can do what is needed to sell your home? That’s why it is so vital that you work with a well-trained and experienced trusted REALTOR.

At DORRMAT, we recognize this fact, which is why we focus on continuous training and coaching our agents to use the best current real estate practices and techniques to sell your home.

A Winning Real Estate Strategy

In today's world, the right marketing strategy is essential in selling your home. In our experience, people with some of the best-looking homes find it impossible to sell because they are not working with a well-experienced REALTOR. After it does not sell, they do their research and find DORRMAT®.

Our seasoned real estate agent will help promote your home in all of the right places. In addition to listing your home on MLS, our agents also post it to several other places that are open to licensed Realtors only.

Our real estate agent will also promote your home through social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. They will also perform open houses with your approval.

In our experience, there is no one winning strategy. It all depends on the property, location, and the seller’s goal. That’s why it is so vital that our team works closely with homeowners.

We Believe in Building Relationships

The real estate industry is all about building relationships. That's why over the years, DORRMAT has cultivated business relationships across a myriad of industries. That's also why we bring a unique skill set to the industry, which helps us stand out from all the other Realtors.

Our relationships serve as a solid foundation that we use to sell homes and help buyers find the right home in the shortest time. It is worth noting that our successful track record of helping both buyers and sellers over the years speaks for itself. It is also this track record that brings many clients to our doorstep.

Allow Our Realtors To Help You

While eliminating the real estate agent's commission may be tempting, the truth is that our real estate agents do much more than simply show visitors through your home. Our real estate agents are skilled advertising professionals, marketing professionals, negotiators, and contract creators and reviewers to just name a handful of things.

Our agents have a thorough understanding of the market and have the knowledge and experience needed to determine the most profitable price for your property. We also have access to the latest data regarding comparable homes and competing listings. This information helps us price your home appropriately and get buyers in the door.

If your home is sitting on the market for months and it did not sell with your prior agent, we can help you sell it. Not only that, but we can help you sell it for the best price based on current market prices.

One really amazing thing about our agents that stands out is that they will offer you many different home selling services. They do this because we believe that our sellers deserve to choose what will work best for them. Not all sellers are the same, so why should a homeowner get only one way to sell their home?

At DORRMAT, we offer to put your house out there for multiple cash offers. We also work with companies that will fix your home up to help you sell it. We have buyers who will purchase your home and lease it back to you, and a service that helps you buy your next home before you sell your current home.